(Originally Posted Wednesday 9-7-22)

What’s funny about this CP was it was actually the first one I picked out of all the Summer 2022 images. Soon as I came across it, I knew I wanted to use it.

I saved it for last since it’s September tomorrow and we’ll be going into Halloween season.

I think we’ll set the story during October but not at Halloween time, like the 1st or 2nd weekend which helps with the creepy factor.

Now if you notice the hallway, it looks like it could be a hotel, which could work too, but also apartment buildings, which is what we’ll go with for this example.

I’ve two different ideas that both work well and I could see doing each one.

The first is more of a tell than show. News reports come across someone’s TV and they’re talking about a ‘Halloween Horror’ as an entire apartment building has been found murdered by deranged killers.

The thought being that there wouldn’t be just one of him, but like 6,10 or 12 maybe. None of them talk or say anything as they knock on doors to people’s apartments and break them down when people don’t open.

Going for a sheer crazy/madness with these people, the kind you’d find at Arkham Asylum. The community is in shock and police vow to find these killers.

Now we could use that as part 1 then switch part 2 to being in a hotel on the outside of a town nearby. And this person(s) attack again, this time with our Main Character (MC)there.

I’d still go for a slow build up tension, creepy vibe for this story instead of say, everyone is screaming running around like chickens with their heads cut off (no pun intended) type of story.

I think the slow dread build up works better for the story I want to tell with this pic.

This isn’t about trying to stop this freak(s) but rather escape and get away.

Our MC might make it but these freaks will only arise somewhere else until someone finally puts an end to them.

But that only serves to bring out the copycats with different costumes/outfits/gimmicks.

Welcome to the future…