(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-31-22)

This CP is what I call a setting/location piece. Like a flip map for an miniatures RPG game. Something that can be used over and over again but with slight tweaks and changes to the story/characters involved in it.

This location is a frozen river (well mostly) and a bridge crossing in a wooded/forest area. Could be in America or somewhere in Russia. Or maybe a European nation/region. Each choice changes the story.

It’s cold outside and there’s a storm on the way, we can even say the river is all frozen, no melting at all, thus changing the season the story takes place in too.

What makes this idea versatile is how we can use it for multiple ideas and different stories.

For example, we could just keep the frozen river idea in the woods and no bridge at all. Completely in the middle of nowhere or we keep it and now we’re on the outskirts of civilization somewhere.

Far in the distance, past the bridge, (if you zoom in on the pic) you can make out a couple buildings covered in snow.

My initial idea is someone or somebodies are being tracked and trying to find shelter before a big storm hits.

Now depending on how we want the story to go, they could be the good or bad guys. And the trackers could be either good or bad. Or maybe something happened on accident and the person(s) are just trying to survive. No one’s chasing them, it’s a vs the elements type of story.

This one is purposely vague as there’s so many different ways it could be used. But I definitely like keeping the bridge and icy desolate landscape type vibe to it.

Depending on what characters we would use for it will also make the story stand out. I could use existing characters or make up new ones for this idea.

So many choices and options which also help in using it multiple times but with different twists.