(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-17-22)

This CP is a little different in that I almost didn’t include pic 2.

My idea would work with only the first pic, but I think adding the 2nd pic would enhance the idea and drive home the tone I’m going for better.

So that being said, we’re actually going to start with pic 2. Trust me it’ll make sense, at least as much as my ideas always do ha-ha.

So here we have a young couple hitchhiking in Cali. Looks warm and they’ve got that free spirit look to them so that’s what we’re going with.

Not sure where they’re heading to exactly, not even sure if they know.

They’re not a couple though. In fact, they barely know each other but the guy offered her cash to travel with her and hitch a ride. He’s found pretty women get picked up faster. She thought it random thing to say but shrugged it off and could really use the cash. She’s on hard times and maybe their original clothes weren’t so great so he just bought them fresh clothes off the rack before they hit the road, like Jack Reacher sort of thing.

They get picked up by a random trucker who’ll take them far but not all the way to their destination.

Which is fine for the guy. He comes off as a laid-back cool story Bruh type of guy but as the ride goes on, the girl starts getting weird vibes from him. But the story will be in away where maybe something is with wrong with her not him. So, you don’t actually know if you can trust her version of events.

Until it’s too late.

Turns out the guy is a serial killer (there’s no new ideas just your spin on them) and he kills the trucker but makes it look like a car accident, fell asleep behind the wheel sort of thing. Maybe that’s his MO.

Then the guy turns on her.

Not sure how it’ll play out. Probably quick vs drawn out. Not graphic.

Going for more of a goosebumps on your arm, creepy type vibe.

Fast forward to the end of the story and we have the first pic now.

Showing him alone on the road again getting a ride and looking just as calm and cool when the story started.