(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-10-22)

With this one, I knew almost instantly what vibe/story I was going with for this pic.

They’re a couple.

And they’re both criminals.

Both things we’ve done before several times. So how do we make this idea different?

By flipping around the usual concept. By which I mean, the guy is bad and slowly corrupts the innocent girl until she’s like him. But I wasn’t getting that vibe from this pic.

Mostly because of the way she was mean mugging in this pic.

I’m thinking he’s a bad guy but professional. Works for a mob/crime family of some sort. I get New York vibes for some reason vs say Miami or West Coast but that’s not a deal breaker.

Maybe they flee from New York to Miami?

That could work actually.

With her though, I’d say she’s on a downward spiral.

Getting angry, wild, meaner, over time. To the point where it’s needless and uncalled for. Even he starts to be like, ‘Babe you’re crossing a line’. And he’s taken hammers to people’s toes and fingers kinda work for the family.

Depending on who she is character wise is how we’ll explain what’s happening to her. Is it family history? Medical? Something she did to herself or can’t escape?

All depends on the type of story we want to tell.

I feel like it’ll be a wild crazy (no pun intended) violence/shootout kind of story. Action but like a heavy dread feel to it.

Like bloody but not over the top fake blood kind of thing. If that makes sense.

Maybe they’re not fleeing but transporting something for a job for the family. From New York to somewhere.

That could work really well and explain the long car rides together and why he’s getting madder at her.

Because she’s drawing attention to them for no reason just to be violent and it’s one of his pet peeves that he really can’t stand.

Lot of ideas to work with here.