Creativity Post 39

The first thing that caught my eye in this photo was that it’s in black and white. I don’t think it would have piqued my interest as much had it been in color. Looking closer at it, shows a good quality photo which we’ll infer that it was taken with an expensive camera for the purpose of this idea.

I’m thinking it was taken in a playful manner. There’s not a lot of photos as they’ll have to be deleted soon anyway (more on why in a second) but maybe 6-12 pictures snapped. This one being the favorite out of the dozen.

During the short story ‘Pool Time’ (available for free at we learned that Nick had made contact with the assassin Elizabeth Donatelli and that he was going back to see her. I’m still not sure exactly what happens during that time only how it ends, them saying goodbye the best way Nick knows how. ?

They’re in her hotel room, in New York City, Nick gets there and finds a note to wait for her. She shows up in a stunning dress which quickly finds its way to the floor.

I’m thinking Nick takes the pictures the morning after. The camera is hers, maybe they were doing a surveillance job on a target. There’s a professional respect between the two of them. Neither wants to leave but Nick will probably be the one to go first, something he’s grown used to doing.

They both know they’re on different paths in life right now and their time together, though intense and passionate, wasn’t something that could or would last or be anything more.

Maybe this photo is what Elizabeth kept to remind her of their time together and she sent a copy to Nick for the same reason.

They haven’t seen each other since.

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