Creativity Post 135

(Originally Posted Wednesday 7-13-22)

On the surface this one feels familiar to CP#109.  Both feature surfer girls but that’s all there is.

I’m thinking this girl likes to surf but isn’t very good at it. She just thinks it fun and it’s something that always makes her smile.

In this particular instance I think it’s her day off and she’s catching some waves at the local village she’s staying at for work.

She’s CIA instead of a mercenary, something about the ballcap she has on. The vibe doesn’t feel right for her to work for say The Racines, but as a government agent that feels better.

She’s still young not a rookie per say. This is her 3rd or 4th assignment solo. She’s been in for a couple years. She’s a solid B+ player, not a rising star or groomed for big things but she’s a solid representation for the CIA trying to groom a new generation of agents.

She’s currently in a third-world country, not sure where yet, but that will affect who her opposition is. Where ever she is, something important going down soon and she’s the local asset for a SEAL Team being sent in.

I’m leaning toward she knows a couple guys on the SEAL Team. Maybe she requested a certain team? Or she’s trained with some of them before on another job/assignment. Gone shooting/drinking beers sort of thing.

She’s got the sister type vibe no relationship with anyone. Not that there’s anything wrong with that option but I tend to use it a lot and this one felt like a good one to mix it up.

Depending on what the job is and who the enemy is will help flesh out more of the story. Right now it doesn’t feel like a high stakes type job (not every one can mean the end of the world as we know it…) but there’s ways we could increase the tension and repercussions depending on the direction we go in.