(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-19-20)

My first thought when I saw this pic was power outage/blackout.

Which isn’t possible because there’s lights on still right? But what if that’s part of the story?

I’m leaning toward early summer time for this idea, like say, May. Before Memorial Day. Or maybe it’s right around the holiday. Maybe tie the holiday in somehow.

My working theory is this is a major city in America and part of its rich/wealthy section of the city. All these apartments are fancy high-end places. Maybe it’s a special development kind of section of like a dozen high-end apartments sort of thing. Like you live in Building A kind of thing.

Each building has its own private security and assistants service provided. Underground parking lot/space. It’s a model of a new concept for the rich/elite. The higher up you are the better your status.

So, where do the lights come in? Those could be people with special generators by Weathersby Electric. In this case they’re EMP proof and I think we could say that’s what happened here. A tactical EMP went off cutting out power to only this area of the city. Maybe part of the story is people living here trying to flee and get to the part of the city that still has power. Maybe to escape whatever caused this.

Maybe it’s getting worse as the days go by. This won’t be a quick fix and people need to either flee or hunker down until things get back to normal. But what if normal never comes? Maybe this whole special development project fails. There’s a bunch of good ideas I could play with here.