(Originally Posted Wednesday 7-22-20)

This one ties into CP#119, this guy is the older brother to the guy in CP#119

They’re a rich family from the West Coast and this guy is the head of the family and the family business.

He has a coffee and reads his morning paper every morning at a small diner an hour before they open. No one else is allowed in sort of thing. We can play around with that, basically he gets the place to himself.

He’s a suspected crime boss but has never actually been charged. Their parents ran a successful legal business of some kind, imports maybe? Since it’s the West Coast, but then their mother vanished one day. No note, no reason. Just vanished. This caused the brother in CP#119 to go crazy (more or less).

The father tried to find her and got into bed with the wrong kind of people and the older brother here had to step in and fix things. He ended up making the business more successful but now they do illegal stuff too. Not sure what yet but not drugs. Maybe guns. But not sure.

In this pic, he’s going about his normal daily routine when he gets interrupted.

He hates that.

Like if someone interrupts him speaking, he starts the whole sentence over again kind of thing. Some kind of quirk he has?

Anyway, his brother has just killed another woman. And this time it’s messy. Like the woman was someone really important or famous. Like this could be the end of everything, kind of mistake and now he has to work quickly to fix this problem.

If he even can.