Creativity Post 37

(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-30-17)

This pic is a little more straight forward then some of the others we’ve been doing, namely we’ll use it as is.  Three women on vacation somewhere in South America or maybe the Caribbean.

The real question is who should the three women be? The easy answer would be Megan, Carol, and Bobbi. But them taking a trip to the Caribbean would be a big deal and not just a short story. (In other words, that’s a separate idea for a book.) ?

Then I thought how about three new characters but that seemed to miss the mark, however that led me to, ‘what about characters I’ve mentioned but haven’t featured yet?’

They’re sort of new but already have some details so it wouldn’t be a completely fresh start.
So, the next question was, what three characters do I have that would also vacation together in South America? And it was that combination that gave me my answer.

Isabella Racines’ Lieutenants.

We’ve already laid the ground work that Isabella prefers female commanders for her forces and maybe these three are on vacation (suspect since Isabella is their boss) ?

More likely they’re the advance scouting force for a future job and they’re sneaking in some R&R while there.  I’m thinking this could be a longer piece of writing in order to give more insight with each of the women and what it’s like working for Isabella. (1 likes it, 1 respects her, l is in love with her, maybe literally, not sure yet) and also what they’re doing there.

Maybe the location is a marina and the Racines have been hired to attack it and the hotel next to it.
Or their target is coming in on a yacht and they have to attack that. Maybe they even run into The Corsairs while down there.

Lots of options we could go with. ?

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