Creativity Post 93

(Originally Posted Friday 10-19-18)

The first thing that caught my eye with this pic was the guy in the background. I thought he was wearing a mask at first, so I’m keeping that thought.

The second thing was the rings on the first guy’s hand.

So my thought was these guys look like hired muscle but that shifted to what if they were criminals. But they look too established/cocky to be petty goons.

So maybe they’re part of a crime family? That could work but still not the vibe I was getting/feeling from this pic.

The first guy looks like a charmer/smooth talker like Nick Summers while the second guy looks like a fighter type. So I keep going back to the criminal angle.

What if they’re thieves? That works, sounds good, but then I take it a step farther, with them being part of a group not a crime family.

What if they’re part of a thieves’ guild?

That would be a new idea/notion but with some work/tweaking a thieves’ guild type group would fit right in The Merc Series world. We’ve already got mercenary companies and assassin groups so why not an organization that helps thieves and criminals.

Maybe there’s a couple different ones that offer different options to it’s members. Some better than the others.

I’m thinking these guys belong to one of the better ones. If not one of the top ones than certainly one just below the best.

Maybe this particular guild’s specialty is two-man partnerships.

Maybe the first guy runs cons/scams on rich women and the second is his bodyguard of sorts to watch his back against jealous boyfriends/husbands.

Maybe they rob/target jewelry stores or rich houses.

This needs more fleshing out but I think this could be a cool addition to The Merc Series.

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