(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-24-22)

My brief note for this CP was ‘hippy couple’. Not sure why just the impression I first got. Maybe from her shades?

But what does that mean exactly?

Well, for one, it’s not literal. They’re not from the 60’s or 70’s.

But I do think they’d be a little ‘out’ there. They’re from the west coast, California specifically but now they live somewhere tropical and not in America. We’ll assume the trees behind them are tropical and they live on a beach with a small but very nice/expensive house.

The guy is secretly rich having sold his tech company a few years back for millions and he has other investments everywhere. She used to work for him being really good with computers. Then they ran away together. Not sure the reasons yet.

He’s older than her but less than 10 years older. She’s very carefree and likes to get high on various things but she’s not a drug addict. Maybe she has a medical condition. She likes when he joins her.

They also like to invite couples to join them for private parties at their home on the beach, specifically young college couples. Maybe where they moved to is very popular during Spring Break?

I’m thinking for this pic someone from their old life just showed up on their beach. She’s happy to see a familiar face while he’s instantly worried that something has happened or that something is wrong.

But why is that his reaction?

You can tell he already wants nothing to do with whatever it is. But she’ll convince him to help their old friend and he begrudgingly does.

But only because she asked.

Not because the friend did.

I feel like this couple be used for several ideas/stories once I figure out what their connection to The Merc Series Universe as a whole is.

And I definitely think this will be a summer season type story. Both when it’s set and when I would work on writing it. A nice warm summer day. 😉