(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-3-22)

One thing I like doing with Creativity Posts is trying to find not only random images but ones that also seem so ordinary and then come up with a compelling/interesting story hook for them.

That’s the case with this CP. A woman looking at purses nothing wrong or special there. So that’s not the story.

But who could she be? Maybe she’s the story?

I’ve used the businesswomen and assassin troupe already a bunch, so I wanted to do something different for this one and I thought, what if she’s a bodyguard?

That works really well actually. My bench for female bodyguards isn’t that deep yet and could be expanded.

Next question could be, is she just shopping for herself on her day off so it’s a personal day for her? Or is she shopping for work? Maybe she needs to have a certain outfit/look for a job later that night. She has to blend in with her client not look like a bodyguard.

I think it’d be interesting if she knew Nick (Summers). They’ve been at the same places with different clients. Maybe a time when Nick was watching over Cristina Diaz. She’s not a fan of Nick’s. Doesn’t hate him but doesn’t see what the big deal is with him.

Nick likewise is professional with her and that’s it. No jokes, flirting, charming stuff with her. Which is not his usual MO. This would be interesting to explore more on as to why.

Now in terms of skills and abilities, I see her being pretty average or basic.

She’s not bad at her job or a ‘jobber’ but she’s not like this world class elite level type bodyguard or anything like that.

Not every character can be.

But she is competent and can keep her clients alive.

Maybe she was a cop for a brief period (1yr or less). She had police training and then something happened, and she was fired? She’s more annoyed about what happened then bitter.

It would make sense to have her be Boston based too, that could tie her into other things/people. She knows about Nick’ dojo but doesn’t train there and has no plans to.

Nick has never offered her a training session either.

Don’t be surprised if a story comes out of this CP sooner than later.