(Originally Posted Wednesday 7-27-22)

My shorthand title for this one was called ‘tennis bros’ and I figured they would be two quick ‘jobber’ type characters that could be used for a throwaway scene of something simple like that.

That was my initial idea/thought. But after giving it a better look over once I started writing this CP, I changed my mind when I noticed two things.

First was the actual tennis racket. They looked old fashion, not modern and the guys/photo gave me a 70’s vibe. Not sure why that’s just the first thing that popped into my head, so we’ll follow that rabbit trail (and ignore their watches…)

So now I was like, what if this was a flashback scene?

And then I noticed the looks on the guy’s faces. They looked annoyed at each other. Again, that’s just my vibe for the pic, doesn’t matter if it’s true or not for this brainstorming/thought process. Now the question is, what are they annoyed about?

Some king of business thing.

Dark haired guy said no to whatever the thing was, and the other guy was stunned.

It was this moment when the guys realized they couldn’t move forward together working as business partners.

Their friendship ended that day.

And it happened on the tennis court.

Now fast forward to the present times and both men are older, (we could use the 80’s if we need to but not the 90’s for the flashback) the guys are maybe grandfathers but not like in their 80’s or 90’s. They both still run their companies.

They’re both millionaires and they’re companies are important but major world ones. Say low mid-tier (that could be a separate idea to ponder too, ranking companies in The Merc Series Universe…)

And they’re still rivals.

Not sure what their ‘beef’ is with each other yet but what if they make a big deal of hiring mercenaries or bounty hunters and that’s when others started to copy them because it gave them cover now. These guys went ‘first’ so to speak.

This idea/characters needs a lot more thought put into it but if definitely has a lot of impact/potential.