(Originally Posted Wednesday 7-20-22)

This one I nicknamed ‘Birthday Boy’ And yes I’m aware it’s a New Year’s Eve 2018 theme but for the purpose of this CP, it reads ‘Happy Birthday’.

I’m thinking this birthday is special for him because he just closed a big deal of some sort and is going to be coming into some big money soon, like 7 figures money.

He’s really happy about it as this was the result of years of hard work but there’s also a part of him that’s wondering now what?

Him and his friends climbed the mountain.

They made it.

But what comes after?

He’s former military and he met his BBF there (guy in sunglasses). Not sure what branch yet just not Marines. The guys are decent but too soft for the Marines. I’m leaning towards making them programmers of some sort.

Maybe they developed a software program, and the military bought it out from them, hence the money.

The girl is the new addition to the group and has connections for the guys to use. They do the work and she’s the face that runs the place, so they don’t have to worry about dealing with people.

The guys aren’t a couple but they like sharing girls together. She doesn’t join in but likes to watch. They’re all normal in most regards but have a couple weird quirks about them. Maybe something with their foods. They all only eat the same thing. Like red meat but no fish or chicken. Random but maybe relevant down the road. IDK.

Birthday boy is the smartest of the group and likes doing the actual work, nose to the grindstone type personality, which is why he doesn’t know what to do next. He likes having work to do. Sunglasses likes coming up with the ideas and plans but tends to lose motivation when stuff gets hard.

I think this trio could fit seamlessly into a number of spots in The Merc Series Universe. I don’t see them as bad guys but rather the target of someone’s wrath. Who or why remains to be seen. Lots of potential.