(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-25-21)

There’s a couple ideas going on for this pic. At first glance it looks a nice house, nice night sky, shooting star in the background (maybe). But if you look closer you see the dark buildings beside the ‘light house’ and the bad shape they’re in.

Which is what gave me my idea. Using the ‘light house’ theme, perhaps this house is the only one left in the town. Maybe something happened to the town and its people. (This would be set further in The Merc Series Timeline to allow for it) and the owner is the only person remaining.

The house is warm and inviting and there’s a secret underground bunker too. A huge one much bigger than anyone would expect in this place.

The story idea could be focus on equal parts setting and character. What happened here? Where is this place? What’s going on now? Who is the owner? Why is he still here? What’s he doing? Those sorts of things.

I get the vibe that this place is cold and or winter is on its way soon. This isn’t a warm, nice area (like CP#133). It would start off with a slow build up revealing everything prior and then something would happen to change the current status que. The two big questions I need to figure out is why would he stay here if everything and everyone is gone? The bunker is nice but if you could get on a plane and go to another country now why not, (or drive, there’s a car besides the house).

But I do like the ‘light house’ idea, we’ll leave the lights on for you motel chain slogan. Maybe he stayed behind to wait for others to show up or find others.

Maybe he’s the caretaker of this bunker and has been in charge of making sure it’s always ready and stockpiled incase an event happens. Maybe that event happened or not the one they were expecting but something much worse and they’re all going to the secret bunker to figure out their next move.

But who’s they? And how could I tie this into The Merc Series Universe at large?

Definitely feels like there’s a story to be told here at some point.