(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-11-21)

This is a good pic that could lead into any number of ideas depending on what direction style/theme I want the story to go.

My first thought was to go for a creepy vibe, which a lot of this Summer’s CP’s seem to have that theme/vibe in common. It wasn’t planned that way but I think works in a lot of these ideas.

In this pic (which I shorthand as ‘tunnel boys’) we’ve a team of mercenaries operating underground somewhere. The place looks pretty rundown and deserted. My initial reaction is they’re trying to escape. The guy in the front is trying to find a way back up while the two guys behind him are trying to cover the rear.

Someone is chasing after them and they need to get away.

The question next would be, who’s chasing them to make them haul ass so fast. What are they afraid of sort of thing?

Another option that could work equally well is, keep the merc team but they not underground at all. Just an old abandon building complex. Something big that needs to be searched. Maybe they’re looking for someone and they’re the ‘hunters’ in this scenario. Or they need to secure this area before they can get picked up. Maybe it’s the rendezvous spot for a mission they just finished.

I think this location might be set in Russia, or Europe somewhere. It has a dark region tone to it vs say the Middle East or South America sunny sandy type vibe.

Another question to consider would be, who are these mercs? Are they cannon fodder for whomever the bad guy is? Or are they the focus of the story and this is a mission that goes wrong for them.

I actually have a couple merc guys/teams that I could plug into this idea that would help flesh them out vs creating new guys whole cloth. So that’s a possibility with this idea too. Couple different ways we could go with it.