(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-4-21)

This one didn’t come together until I saw the second pic. The first pic is a bunch of friends celebrating a birthday. Nothing bad but not much material to work with. Until we add the second pic. That’s what sparked the idea.

It’s not the people but where they are. Looks like a corn field behind them and that’s what we’re going with. This could be more of an opening scene to set the stage of the story. These characters aren’t the story.

I’m thinking they’re more wrong place, wrong time sort of thing. It would take place in September and it’s still really warm, hence the shorts and causal summer outfits. October and Halloween is still a long ways off.

The place they’re at does events and stuff. It feels more like a business vs someone’s backyard at their house. It’s somewhere in America and we’ll go with a creepy/scary type (cause cornfields) and there’s a serial killer on the loose. Maybe there’s a couple of them. I have a few ideas/groups that it could be even if we don’t want to create somebody completely new.

I don’t see this being a straight slasher type story where everyone at the party gets killed, but that’s certainly an option. Rather I think this could be a good bounty hunter type of story. Maybe the Duncan Brothers are hired to find and take down this serial killer.

The locals are too scared or unable to handle this sort of thing. Maybe this takes place in an area that only has state police come through a couple times a month, in the middle of nowhere America sort of thing. And maybe somebody from the birthday party has connections and that’s how we could bring in the Duncan Brothers and tie the story together.

I’m liking that angle.