(Originally Posted Wednesday 7-28-21)

So, this one is a little out there but that’s kind of the point of Creativity Posts too. Push the limits of random thoughts/ideas and see what comes up. Some of it might be useable and some not. It’s all just brainstorming after all.

I found this pic right after ‘nuke trio’ (CP#129) the browns and dirt look made me think they could be tied together. Not in a future steampunk kinda way though like this pic is based on but what if this guy is in a mask or face paint and the top hat (which is what caught my eye initially) is like his trademark/calling card look so to speak.

We could give him a Raven type vibe from Raven’s Flock (old school WCW days; not Raven from Teen Titans (haha) Maybe whatever happened to the country he’s from (CP#129) he became a leader in the early days of it and people flocked to him during the chaos and he developed a group.

He could spout end of days type of stuff or something like that. Or maybe he says it in public but doesn’t really believe it privately. Plays to the crowd sort of thing. But I don’t think we’d go full cult type group for him. In CP#129 I mentioned the trio wasn’t Special Forces because Special Forces wouldn’t follow this guy. They would be able to see through the BS he’s spouting. But the average person doesn’t, especially with all the chaos going on in the days/weeks following whatever happened to the country he’s from. And now he’s used it to turn himself into a powerful gang/bandit leader.

One thing we’d have to keep in mind when using this idea is the tone, we want the story to be. Is this guy crazy and dangerous? So, a serious vibe/threat? Or is he more of a sideshow, smoke and mirrors kind of thing where him and his group are more of a cannon fodder type of villains? That would affect the story and how it’s told in a big way too.