(Originally Posted Wednesday 7-21-21)

This one I called ‘nuke trio’ in my notes when picking this one as a Creativity Post. My first thought was this would have to be in the future of The Merc Series as there’s no place that looks like this in the current setting. But I thought the picture was cool and could still be used somehow.

My second thought was they were in America somewhere after a bomb/nuke had gone off and I’d need to figure out where as that would have huge ramifications throughout The Merc Series Universe (everything’s connected). But as I looked more at the pic, I noticed the buildings (what’s left of them) look less America and more European.

Whether that’s true or not doesn’t matter for this process but that’s the direction I’ll go in. A European country somewhere. Maybe Germany if we wanted a big impact or maybe a small made up country. One that’s next to Germany. That could work actually. Plus, more freedom to play around with.

I’d say these three guys are highly skilled and ex-military for this country. But not Special Forces. (CP#130 will explain why not) They know their way around the area and have spent a lot of time in these ruins.

The big question to ask would be why do they stay in this area if there’s other places to go that are safe and not destroyed. The world isn’t post-apocalyptic, only this country/area. Maybe this has a big trade route that still has to be traveled through by other nations (this would need research) and these guys are guides or more likely bandits/raiders who make a decent living robbing these trade routes.

Maybe we could get rid of the nuke option and it’s just a destroyed wasteland but now no radiation to worry about. Maybe this spot was gassed with a weapon of some sort, hence the masks, but there’s still hidden loot to be found. That option gives better explanations on why stay behind.

There’s definitely a lot of potential storylines to be found here.