(Originally Posted Wednesday 7-14-21)

This one I called, ‘man in woods’ in my notes and was the most ‘simple’ looking photo I came across when I was looking for pics back in the spring for Summer 2021 Creativity Posts. I kept it because it sparked an instant reaction, which is usually how I try to select photos for ideas.

In this case, my first reaction was his car broke down in the middle of nowhere. I’m thinking a creepy story, ‘Blair Witch’ type vibe.

He’s traveling somewhere, he’s not local to the area at all, otherwise he wouldn’t be out wondering this area at night time. Locals know better.

Maybe he saw a house in the distance and he’s heading back there to get help. He’s got his phone, using it for the flashlight, so he can see around. But there’s no signal.

I’m thinking he’s a reporter on a way to a story and he’s in the south somewhere. Not sure why the south popped up but we’ll go with it for now. Maybe through the woods the road leads to an old plantation style house. One that’s long since deserted and abandoned. But he could have sworn he saw lights on inside from the distance, which is why he walked all the way back here. And now he starts second-guessing himself.

Including the noises, he thinks he hears behind him.

Or a completely 180 direction we could go in, a car is driving down this road in the middle of nowhere, a young couple going somewhere, or coworkers traveling. Maybe a reporter still and a camera man. And this was a short cut they could take. And in the middle of the road a hooded figures comes out of the woods to block their car.

Then something smashes their window or deflates their tires and now they’re trapped or on the run, fleeing from the car.

The main question once we’ve developed what direction to go with this idea, is to then figure out how to tie it into The Merc Series Universe as a whole so that it all makes sense and doesn’t feel out of place.