(Originally Posted Wednesday 7-7-21)

What caught my eye for this pic was the necklace she was wearing. It stood out in another wise normal bikini pic. The second pic had a close up on the matching earrings too, suggesting it’s a set/pairing. Which is where the idea starts to form.

We’re going to assume it’s very expensive necklace (whether it is or not in the pic doesn’t matter for our idea purposes) and if you see the background in our 1st pic, it looks like seating to an outside restaurant or like a wedding reception. That might be a stretch but again the point is to fire off the first couple things that come to mind.

So, one idea could be she’s the bride doing a photoshoot gift for her soon to be husband. Maybe she’s a model already and the necklace could be a family heirloom sort of thing. Either from her side or his, depending on what works better for the story. That was my initial idea but that’s as far as I got and it’s pretty flimsy even for an initial pass.

Then I thought, get rid of wedding idea and say it’s a restaurant by the beach (hench the bikini) and we keep the model angle and she’s doing a photoshoot with the necklace but she’s also secretly a thief and modeling is just her cover job. And she’s planning to steal it at some point.

Or to switch it up some, she’s actually hired to protect the necklace. Maybe the owner of it has to display for some reason and she’s secretly put in by the insurance company to keep it safe so they won’t have to pay out if something should happen to it. Maybe that’s her other job besides modeling she’s a security consultant that does undercover work like this for insurance companies to help protect their liabilities. That’s something different that I haven’t used before for characters and stories and would still make sense in The Merc Series Universe.

The other thing that could be useful here is the background location itself. Could the beach restaurant idea be tied into other ides and maybe necklace is really just a subplot with other things happening around this spot at the same time? Or we could keep it as a standalone idea with the focus being on the theft/robbery of this necklace. Couple different ways this could get spun into a story.