(Originally Posted Wednesday 9-2-20)

The vibe I got from this one was she was putting in a late-night work out and had been pushing herself hard all day. Whether that’s true or not doesn’t matter for these Creativity Posts cause it’s all about initial impressions.

Now the 2nd pic is where the story begins to take shape. This pic is earlier in the day and she’s putting in her new workout, given to her by the guy.

The guy happens to be her ex-boyfriend.

Their background is they were both Marines. Both did two tours. Different units/companies. Never actually met until they were both out of the Corp. They met at a bar who’s cliental was military or former military. Hit it off. They had really good chemistry together but it lasted only a season or so. Maybe like summer/fall fling. Over by Thanksgiving/holiday season for sure.

Nothing bad happened they just realized their futures weren’t compatible. He wanted to open his own gym/be a personal trainer. And she wanted to get back to the action as a private contractor.

Fast-forward say a year and a half, maybe 2 years. Long enough for it to be the past but still recent enough to matter. She’s got a rep as this hardcore badass in her field. Maybe she’s a bodyguard now. That could work. She gets injured and needs to rehab. Nothing major so long as she deals with it and doesn’t put it off. Her employer/company/boss makes her go see a place to deal with it. No jobs until she does.

The place she gets sent to happens to be where her ex is. And he has to sign off on her papers for her to get back to work.

He looks even better than when they were together and he’s engaged to some basic AF blonde white girl, granola eating vegan. Like the girl’s pretty but the complete opposite of our pic girl. Which confuses her even more. Plus, she hates that she can’t be her usual badass self around him, cause he’s seen her naked, and the D was damn good back then.

Between work, her injury, her ex showing back up, she’s having to deal with a lot of shit in her head now. Maybe add something else too on her plate. A big client she wants, something with her family. Basically, her plate/cup is filled/overflowing and she’s not used to having to deal emotions and whatnot. She always pushes ahead. Even with the training. Hence the late-night workouts.

Now the question is does she pull through it or does she break under all the pressure?