(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-26-20)

My first idea for this pic was a business woman going over accounts but then I’m like nah, that’s too similar to the idea of CP#104. So maybe do something else.

But then I thought, what if the ‘what’ is okay, it’s the ‘who’ that makes it seem too close to CP#104.

What if we use a character already established in The Merc Series instead of creating someone new? And I figured that could work.

So, now the idea is Jin Chenghu, the older sister of the Chenghu brothers and leader of the Chenghu family, one of the most powerful crime families in Boston. She’s having a quiet night at home. You can’t really tell what’s going on in the windows beside her but let’s say it’s raining out.

It’s early spring, winter is over, no chance of snow but it’s just one of those raw, cold, stormy nights out. She grabbed takeout (didn’t feel like cooking herself and sent the staff home for the night). She just wants to settle down for the evening with food and wine. And is going over some of the books on the family business accounts.

Now this isn’t something she needs to do, she literally has probably a dozen accountants on the payroll plus their boss but she likes it. (?) Maybe she finds crunching numbers relaxing. That’s a thing, right? Whatever the reason the vibe is calm. She’s not annoyed or pissed that she’s doing it. It’s making her feel good. Like old times. Maybe she used to do work like this, get down in the trenches so to speak and that’s why her father picked her instead of one of his sons.

So, Jin’s going along just fine but then something catches her eye. And that’s when she pulls out the other books and starts comparing things. Makes a causal phone call to ask different people questions. Nothing crazy. Staying calm. By the end of the evening she’s uncovered something going on in her organization.

Now it could be big or small. Small and it shows people you can’t hide anything from her. Big and it shows she’s not afraid to take down anyone. Either direction we go in, Jin comes out looking good. But she’ll need some outside assistance. And her favorite mercenary, Nick Walker, happens to owe her a favor.