(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-12-20)

This one made me think of a Bonnie and Clyde kind of couple. Cliché sure but Creativity Posts are also based on first impressions, that’s the idea/point of these writing exercise. So, first impression a criminal couple but how about we put a different spin on it?

What if they’re not criminals but the opposite. Maybe they’re cops. Maybe they’re both ex MPs (military police) I haven’t done that before (and I’m a huge Jack Reacher fan).

So, maybe we start our story with them both getting out of the Army. They weren’t in the same unit but knew of each other by reputation. Maybe she was a K-9 unit/handler and they work on joint ops together. They kept in touch by private emails, below the radar sort of thing.

He’s into bikes big time. Likes riding them, building them, that sort of thing. She loves the beach/ocean. The joke between them was always he was going to take her on a cross-county road trip on his bike. When it comes time to reup with the Army they both decided not to, for their own reasons, not related to each other. They each didn’t know about the other.

At this point they were only friends with some flirting not the sort of relationship that one gives up a career for. He’s not a big destiny believing kind of guy but she is. When she found out he was leaving the Army too, she took it as a sign and showed up at his place for that bike ride. He’s pretty spontaneous too so it works out well.

They left the next day together and are traveling like nomads basically across America. They’re falling more in love with each other every day. Eventually they want to get a small house on the beach, he’ll have his own bike shop and she wants to continue her work with K-9 dogs. But until then they’ll have to put up with their fair share of trouble on their road trip. Good thing they’re both trained for it.