(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-5-20)

I liked this pic because of the idea/direction it could imply about different future events that might happen in The Merc Series Universe. It might even tie into CP#107

One idea I’m slowly working on is that a meteor hits America somewhere in the Western United States. This would be a status quo changing type of event for The Merc Series. Not something that’s just mentioned and forgotten about. It would have major impacts throughout the rest of America and the world. Once it happens there’s no undoing it kind of thing. It’s something that leaves a permanent scar.

So, all that said, this pic made me think of that. What if the meteor hit and now shits hit the fan and our figure is making their way out by way of the railroad?

Roads are clogged, highways shutdown. It feels like the apocalypse to the people in the area and that’s kind of the vibe I’m going with. The figure is ex-military or law enforcement. I’m leaning toward a former US Army Ranger and he’s kind of a laidback pothead kind of guy but who’s really skilled. I think that could make for an interesting concept combined with wandering the wilds, and helping people he comes across.

Maybe he starts alone, then slowly builds up a group following him, sort of like the Forest Gump jogging scene. The story vibe would be tense/scary I think but his easy nature would help offset that. Not sure yet. I would need to play around with it, but that’s the basic concept at first glance.