(Originally Posted Wednesday 7-29-20)

This pic I saw randomly after seeing several different seasons/weather pics. Summer, fall, almost winter and at first, I wasn’t going to even use it but then I thought, what if all those other pics of the wilderness I’d been seeing where off this place?

Maybe this place ties them all together. Which then led to questions like, who lives here? Where is here? Etc. At that point I realize okay I should keep this pic and use it.

So, my initial idea (subject to change as these all are) is it belongs to a powerful family as opposed to a group/company or a single person. There’s a whole family at work here. Brothers, uncles, cousins, aunts, sisters. Like say The Starks (not literally obviously). They’re old school nobles, whatnot. Been in charge of this area for as long as anyone can remember but they’re not part of the political class or anything with where ever this place is. I’m thinking Europe. We could go with Scotland to play on the clan/family angle.

I’m thinking they’re self-sufficient in their land which is why they don’t have to get involved with outside forces/politics. They can afford to remain neutral in things because they don’t need anyone. They have their own private army made up of people living off their land, again playing off the whole nobles and knights/footman type vibe but with a modern twist. Maybe it’s a Wakanda type thing going on. Outside people think it’s a backwoods/water kind of area but they secretly have advanced tech protecting the whole place.

Oh, maybe this is the seat of power for Ian Lithgow of LAWS (Lithgow Advanced Weapons Systems; they’re a huge weapons maker in the Merc Series Universe) that could work or if not him, he’s allies with them. Maybe like a mutual support system idea. That could work too.

I’m liking all these ideas. Lots of potential and future stories here.