(Originally Posted Wednesday 7-15-20)

My first impression with this pic was this guy was a pickup driver, like Uber or Lyft. Maybe not those actual companies either but like a local knockoff of them, or something. Also, we’re going to assume the wheel is on the other side and this takes place in America. Somewhere on the West Coast, mainly because I haven’t developed that side too much in The Merc Series Universe and can tie this idea with CP#120. I’m leaning toward California.

The driving thing is just for fun. The guy enjoys driving around the city and taking people places. He doesn’t need the money as he comes from a rich family and he only does this a couple times a week, but not the weekends. Not because he parties, because he does, but because of who he’s looking for.

Namely successful women. Lawyers, doctors, CEOs, famous models, etc. There’s a certain type he has in mind. So one girl might fit the profile but be missing something that can’t be seen. Like her voice perhaps, or the way she talks or acts. Nice or bitchy. Maybe the women who ignore him/talk down to him are safe and the nice ones are the ones he targets.

One’s he thinks are fake and lying. That they can’t be nice and successful. This would have something to do with his mother and what caused him to turn into a serial killer.

He’s been given meds to keep him under control but he doesn’t always take them. And now he’s getting worse.