(Originally Posted Wednesday 7-8-20)

These 2 pics ties back into CP#117. When I first saw them, I knew they all tied together somehow, which is why I saved them. Also, for the purpose of this writing thought process, we’re assuming the girl in the 2nd pic is one of the girls in the 1st pic.

The idea is something like this. The girls, early 20’s, just out of college, both single, going on a trip to Europe (leaning toward Paris if that becomes our featured city per CP#117). Main thing is they’re American’s and going somewhere overseas. It’s their first night there and they’re going out to dinner/drinking. Maybe a restaurant then bar. But not say a nightclub. They’re not going out to party but rather to celebrate.

I think they’re lifetime best friends, if not middle school then say freshman in high school and they went to the same college together, same sorority etc. And this trip is something they’ve always wanted to do. Maybe it’s one of those visit each city for so many days then on to the next one. Like a summer across Europe thing. That could work. Also, if they’re not lifetime bffs maybe they met in college and this trip was a common goal and that’s what made them friends. I kinda like that idea better actually because then they don’t know everything about each other’s families which helps explain pic 2 better.

So, the girls go out, have a great time, it’s all good. No issues. But they catch the eye of our Creepy French Guy (CFG) from CP#117. He starts following them around later that night, then next day when they go shopping.

Their second night there, they’re cooking dinner together and CFG knocks on their door, they’re staying at a fancy pad/apartment suite but not like crazy over the top. CFG is pretending to be takeout/delivery. Like Uber Eats Paris style. They open the door and that’s when one of the girls gets grabbed and taken (yes like the movie, remember every plot has already been done, the trick is to give it your own take on it).

This brings us to 2nd pic. The friend who was left behind. It’s only their second day there and this happens. She’s completely distraught and has no idea what she’s supposed to do. CFG gives her a business card and says, “$50k to get her back. 2 days or else.”

She doesn’t have money. They weren’t like poor friend and rich friend, but the girl taken comes from money of some kind.

But it’s not until the 2nd girl pic uses the friend taken cell phone to call that girl’s dad. Turns out he’s really a crime boss of some sort and he has no intention of paying. Instead he’s sending some people to teach CFG and his group a lesson.

Which only makes things worse.