Creativity Post 116

(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-28-19)

The vibe I was getting with these pics was Summer vacation. It’s a private resort/hotel location. Reservation only kind of place. People don’t just pop in here to get a room. It also feels like a good spot/place for a mystery or creepy thing to happen.

I could see using this as a place where members of Red Diamond went off to for a vacation.

Or maybe the whole team is there after just finishing up a mission and are taken some R&R.
Maybe only the guys are there. I haven’t done much with just them yet.

Maybe Nick is back home with the girls and the guys all stayed behind or found out about this place and wanted to check it out. I even have a good time period of when I could set this.

I get the vibe though that this could also be a resort on a small island, not in the US. Maybe down passed Florida?

Maybe while the guys are down there, someone sees them and either wants payback for a past slight or maybe they get embarrassed by them when they first arrive and now they want revenge.

I see this as starting off as fun and games for the guys with a creepy thing or two happening that they just brush off. Then shit escalates at some point during the night and they’ve got to forget about vacation mode and get back to work.

I’m thinking novelette length depending on how much detail/depth we go into the set up and whatnot.
There’s probably at least a few nights of fun for the guys before it all hits the fan.

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