Creativity Post 115

(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-21-19)

What stuck out for me first in this one was the egg.

It just looks horrible. How do you cook something so bad? Which is what sparked the idea.

She’s a terrible cook. She’s never actually had to cook before, as she grew up in a wealthy Russian family and always had meals prepared for her. Or ate out at restaurants.

She’s a model by day (second pic) and a criminal by night.
I’m thinking her family was rich because of shady dealings and she took over aspects of the business and models for enjoyment.

Maybe it’s not known that her family is involved in criminal activities.

She’s in the information business too. She likes to know what’s going on. Maybe she’s an information broker or sells/trades in secrets. Maybe that’s how her family made their fortunes.

Going back to the egg, she had a sleepover at someone’s place. It’s not her apartment and she wanted to do something nice, like try to cook breakfast then remembers she sucks at it.

My first thought was for a guy she had taken a liking to but I’m already using that idea a bunch. And just changing it to a girl doesn’t feel right either.

But then I thought, why not both?

Maybe she got involved with a couple and all three of them have feelings for each other. That would be a different twist and I could see her spoiling them both with money and gifts.

Maybe bringing them into her world (the criminal part) slowly.

Then maybe as a possible option, what if this couple was actually using her? Maybe they’re deep undercover and are trying to bring down her family.

That would be an interesting angle to try. And if it works or if she finds out and stops them.
If we go that angle then it would have to be longer than a short story for sure. Maybe tie it into other ideas somewhere to flesh it out to a novella length even.

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