Creativity Post 114

(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-14-19)

For the purpose of this idea, we’re going to assume it’s the same guy in both pics.

He’s a British merc that served in the French Foreign Legion for years before going freelance. He can speak English, French, and Italian, because he seems like an Italian kind of guy too.

He’s old school style, suspenders, clothing, whole nine yards. He’s not a fan of most technology. No social media, no smart phones, no GPS. Uses maps and compass for directions.

He reads a lot. Has a depth of knowledge. He’s the kind of guy who buys his groceries every night after leaving the gym, which is every day except Sunday.

He’s good too. He spends most of his time doing the same training over and over again. He’s the guy who’s thrown the same punch 10,000 times, not 10,000 punches one time, to paraphrase Bruce Lee.

Right now, he’s got a thick beard and long hair, as he’s been operating over in the Middle East for one of Stephanie Weathersby’s companies.

He’s a charming guy but can also be an asshole at times. Not a dick, just mean if provoked. Brutally honest. Maybe he’s a Virgo.

Which brings us to the second pic. I’m thinking this is his old girlfriend. They met at a small bookshop shortly after he got out of the FFL. He bought her a coffee and they hit it off, in an opposite’s attract kind of way.

They had different opinions on things and he enjoyed the debates with her, which led to them spending more and more time together, even though she was more of a plain Jane kind of girl and he was a 9 to her 5 (on 1-10). Her joke, which he never liked.

He caught feelings for her but she couldn’t ever see herself having a life with him, especially with all the attractive women always trying to hit him up.

He never stopped caring for her though but she felt she was holding him back, especially when he got an offer to work for Stephanie Weathersby.

So, she moved away. She left him a goodbye letter and that was that. More or less ghosting him. Never contacted him again.

He’s doing the best he’s ever done in life now, but still misses what they had, but won’t admit it to anyone, even himself.

He’s had a couple one night stands here and there from dates, but nothing else as he’s content to remain single, mostly because he doesn’t want to open up to anyone again.

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