(Originally Posted Wednesday 7-10-19)

What struck me for this pic (and CP#110) was the location.

The tropical setting and the hotel in the background.

My first thought was she’s on vacation, taking a break from life and people. Note the empty beach.

I’m thinking she’s a former member of The Valkyrie Program, the Air Force’s top secret, women’s Special Forces unit, that mercenary Nick Walker helped train a little.

The unit was eventually disbanded after the French mercenary Isabella Racine single-handedly kicked just about all their asses, including hers, and caused them to fail an important operation. (This isn’t a spoiler because it had already happened before the novel started and Red Diamond briefly touched on).

With them all injured and put out of action, the program was put on the shelf and never picked back up and the women all quietly discharged from the service completely.

They all went into the private sector afterwards, several of them secretly working with Nick Walker now.
I’m thinking she’s been on her own for a while now. Maybe six months. She’s taken a couple of jobs here and there and still keeps up with her training but she’s feeling kinda loss and aimless.

Maybe she didn’t get along well with the rest of the women on the team. Maybe she came from money (the rich girl) and had a hard time fitting in.

Something like that or a good reason why she hasn’t joined back with her old members. Maybe she did something on that last mission that hurt the team and still feels guilty about it?

She’s on her way back to her hotel when something happens. Thinking the hotel or island gets attacked and she finds herself in a position to help people.

Or does she just try to keep herself safe? Lots of questions still left to explore.

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