Creativity Post 100

(Originally Posted Friday 12-7-18)

My first reaction to this photo was, that’s Grey Talon Security (GTS) forces not a government military.
The second pic was classic ‘Red Dawn’ paratrooper invasion.

I’m not sure what the target/location is yet but it’s got to be important.

I’m thinking this is a major operation for GTS. They own dozens of small time private security forces/companies and I’m leaning toward some kind of aviation firm as well.

They have a private Airforce. I don’t think they’re the biggest but top 10 for sure, probably top 5.

This operation would combine that Airforce with its advance recon/paratrooper forces who got there 1st to clear the way for the rest of ground forces riding on the choppers.

I think what will make this operation different is one of two possible ideas.

First one is there isn’t a client for this mission/job GTS is doing this on their own as a company. They’re invading a place and just taking it over. Which freaks out a lot of people in power.

Second option is, GTS was hired by someone and they’re invading an American town and taking it over. The intent is good, maybe it’s corrupt and been taken over by one of the drug cartels or some criminal group and the state/government needs to get it back under control, or a private business man hired GTS to clean it out since the Government won’t. I like that angle a lil better as it further spreads the fear of these private mercenary armies available for purchase.

Another angle/option is it’s not GTS invading but a rival merc company, maybe a foreign one and they invade/take over an American town and GTS is hired to take it back, showing the world how useful they can be.

Something to think about.

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