Creativity Post 99

(Originally Posted Friday 11-30-18)

With this pic my idea was something about the weather.

I’ve done a lot of stories that have/use blizzards and snowstorms but not a sandstorm.

I’m thinking this storm came from out of nowhere (if that’s really a thing) otherwise these guys thought they could beat the storm. Be done and on the way out before the storm arrived.

That’s what’s happening in the lst pic. Their exfil has arrived and they’re heading out.

But as you expect, the storm is worse than they thought and shortly after takeoff, they crash. The pilots are excellent though and they manage to go down as best as they can.

The chopper is ruined, no fixing it but no one else is hurt or seriously injured, few scrapes and bruises.
Figuring there’s 7 guys total. 2 pilots plus the 5man team they picked up.

Still need to decide if they’re US Military or part of a mercenary firm. That would/could affect certain aspects of the story.

Once everyone is off the crashed chopper (2nd pic) they’re trying to establish coms to let HQ know what happened and are also trying to get out of the storm still.

They also need to figure out where they are and who’s territory they’re now trespassing on. I’m leaning toward a paranoid warlord who shoots first and asks questions later.

Maybe he’s hiding something and these guys just happened to stumble in on it and now he wants to kill them. And all they’re trying to do is get back to home/HQ.

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