Creativity Post 38

(Originally Posted Friday 9-15-17)

So, my first thought when I saw this pic was ‘Logan is that you?’ My initial idea was, here’s an old school warrior type of guy who’s seen it all, but that was all I had (besides Old Man Logan jokes) but then I’m like, what if his nickname was ‘The Colonel’ (and yes, some KFC does sound good right now)

Then the questions were, is it because he was/is a Colonel or some other reason? If he is a Colonel what branch is he? As I’m thinking up possible answers to these questions, I’m also thinking he’s from the South, which somehow gets me to Confederate Colonels of the Civil War.

Yeah IDK. I rabbit trail a lot if you haven’t noticed by now.


I end up reading some Wiki on John Mosby ‘The Gray Ghost’ ‘Mosby’s Rangers’, ‘Mosby’s Raiders’ and think, what if this guy’s a decedent of him? Possible name, Kable Singleton.

Mosby was a cavalry guy so then I’m like, well he could be Special Forces and was part of the team that went into Afghanistan after 9-11. Maybe he was on the same team as Morgan Ramsey. His specialty was horse riding and he taught local fighters fighting tactics and they used to do attacks on Taliban and Al Qaeda on horses. Since Kable often led them into battle himself, that was how he got his nickname, not his actual rank.

He then went to Iraq and did the same thing there. Something happened in Iraq though and Kable went into the private sector at some point but he kept doing the same thing. He got a bunch of other Special Forces and Army Rangers to join up with him and his band of local raiders. They use horses or motorcycles and specialize in fast attacks/raids at night.

At some point Kable met up with Victor Adams and joined forces with him. He operates more or less the same, except Grey Talon Security (GTS) gave him access to MD Helicopters MH-6 Little Birds to help him with his raid missions. And he still commands a cavalry force of a hundred men.

Because of their similarities and specialty, Kable and his forces often compete and come up against The Death Jesters, and they’ve yet to beat them in a fight. Something that pisses the Colonel off.

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