Creativity Post 36

(Originally Posted Wednesday 8-23-17)

With this one, I’m thinking of maybe a combo mission of tracking/hunting someone while searching for something.

I’m thinking it’ll be in the swamps given the boats and at first was going to go with Law Enforcement tracking down a criminal that fled in the swamps, maybe an escaped criminal.

But then I decided the main character would be the criminal and not the group/search party, which gave me an idea to use a character I created a while ago but haven’t used for anything yet.

A master thief named Roy Lafontaine who was part of the Lafontaine Clan, a Louisiana crime family based out of the bayous.

They have some connections with Trevor Fritz’s Corsairs, who you can learn more about in the short story The Corsairs (available for free at

Roy couldn’t stand his father or Uncles and now spends his time making their lives hell whenever he can.
So the idea I’m leaning towards now is most of this group in the pic are paid mercs who work for the Lafontaine Clan and maybe one or two cops who are corrupt and on the payroll of the Lafontaine’s. They know the area best and are serving as guides for the mercs.

Roy stole something (money/jewelry/expensive item) and got away with it in a small plane but crashed in the swamp when he got shot down. Maybe he stole from an arms dealer who supplies the Lafontaine Clan with their weapons. Someone that’s not Emily Panos.

The divers are looking for whatever it was he stole, while the rest of the mercs are hunting Roy down to bring him back to finally face judgement from his family.

Like with a lot of my ideas there’s several different ways we could have this story turn out. It’d be easy enough to have this turn into a 1 vs X number of goons and kill everyone to ‘win’ type of plot but that’s not really the vibe I get from this Roy Lafontaine character. I feel like this story will have a different vibe to it than that.

Granted, he’s highly skilled and can be deadly but I don’t see him as much of a killer like some of the other characters I’ve created. Maybe that’s the big reason he left his family in the first place because he didn’t approve of their methods.

But he’s still a thief so he’s not exactly a boy scout either. ?

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