Creativity Post 16

(Originally posted Friday 2-17-17)


     Mixing it up for tonight’s post on creativity as I’m using a location instead of a person. I like to save images of places from all over as you never know when one could come in handy.

I don’t have a need for them right now as most of the stories so far take place in Boston or around there, plus the Walker Compound in Maine. But as the novels advance the timeline, we’ll be exploring more locations.

Locations such as the one in this image. This is thinking far ahead to maybe the 4th book. (?) Nick is being sent to a fancy/private ski lodge type place to protect someone.

I really like the backdrop in this photo. Not sure where it really is but that doesn’t matter for the idea. I’m thinking the lake will be frozen and that could be a good thing or a bad thing.

I also like the privacy it suggests. I can imagine a scene with Nick and someone having an important conversation here. Maybe music plays softly in the background. A small staff to see to their needs? It would be an exclusive place to get into, you have to have an invite. Maybe some kind of event/party is being held at the time he’s there. So there’s a bigger than normal staff? A few bad apples snuck into the staff…

Like I said, this is far away. Plenty of time to add to this or change it. 😉

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