Creativity Post 15

(Originally posted Friday 2-10-17)


Tonight’s post on creativity is part 2 of 2. This one features a highly trained assassin who specializes in marksmanship. He’s as good with a sniper rifle or a pistol.

I’m thinking he’s Middle Eastern. Maybe from Iran or Iraq. He hasn’t been heard of a lot in America or in the West. But in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Syria he’s like a legend or boogeyman type of guy. The CIA and Special Ops have definitely heard of him. And he’s a wanted man with a large reward on his head.

He generally always works alone. Or those on his team/group never seem to make it back alive.

The one exception to this is what ties this post to last week’s.

He knows the Uncle and Niece sniper team and tends to hire them on jobs as well. Often, they are taking out a secondary target while he focuses on the primary. But then plays it off as though he was able to do both at once/short period of time. And in worse case scenarios, he uses them as the fall guys.

This is what has helped build up his myth like status, besides his deadly shooting skills.

The Uncle/Niece don’t know this about him. And working for this guy always makes the Uncle nervous but he never says no to the jobs. How come?

The guy has no loyalty and has been known to work for both sides if given a better offer. It makes him hard to predict and he enjoys keeping people/employers off balance. Especially since few people have ever seen his face before. Which is why the reward has been on him for a long time.

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