Creativity Post 14

(Originally posted Friday 2-3-17)


We’re trying something different for tonight’s post on creativity. This will be Part 1 of 2. Next week will have Part 2 and tie in with tonight’s post.

Here we have an uncle and his niece. Both Russian most likely. Maybe Eastern European. She’s young. Like 20, 21 at the oldest. She lives in America now with her parents who left Russia (or wherever) and are now American citizens. Her uncle lives in America too but spends most of his time traveling overseas. He’s a ‘photographer’ for his day job 😉

And he gets his niece to help out on certain jobs.

All the while he’s secretly training her to be a sniper. He was former military himself and now does freelance. He loves his niece and wants to make sure she can take care of herself. He has no kids and never married so he enjoys getting to spend time with her.

He’s her father’s brother and her mother hates her traveling with him as she doesn’t trust him. This has caused fights in the family. And she’s threatened to go live with her uncle.

Her father moved them to America to get them away from something (What exactly?) and to keep them safe, so he doesn’t push back too hard, cause he doesn’t want to drive his daughter away.

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