Creativity Post 13

(Originally posted Friday 1-27-17)


Tonight’s post on creativity is a good example of giving something a second look and thinking how could this picture be something other than what it is.

It definitely looks like a cop, but what if he’s not really a cop? What if he’s pretending to be one?

So then the question is why would he be pretending? And if we’re that fully geared up that means we have good funding for this job. It’s snowing out and the streets look pretty empty. Maybe this is the start of a big snow storm coming in and things have already started closing up. It could be New York City or keep it in Boston since Red Diamond is based out of there.

What if the job is a prisoner is being transported during this storm and this guy plus 3 or 4 more guys are waiting to hit the transport after redirecting it. I’m liking the idea of it being a VIP being freed instead of something getting robbed because of the work involved to getting a cop’s uniform and gear. Unless we go with the idea of some rogue cops doing the job.

Either way that still means $$$.

So the next questions are, who’s the prisoner? Who’s paying for the job? Who are the guys doing the job? Are they a team? Or solo operators put together? And lastly what happens once this prisoner is freed?

This easily a Novelette waiting to be written. 😉

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