Creativity Post 12

(Originally posted Friday 1-20-17)


This week’s post on creativity is another one of those random images I happened to stumble across. Then once I started thinking of how to use it, the ideas snowballed.

First thing that caught my eye was she’s waiting in a car, followed quickly by the bandana around her neck. Which could easily be turned into a mask. Why would you need a mask? To hide your identity. Why? Because you’re the getaway driver for a crew of robbers.

I’m thinking her boyfriend is the best trained of the group next to the leader, maybe him and the leader are former military. She thinks he should be the leader of the group as he’s more qualified. This tends to cause tension between them because he doesn’t want to be in charge. He doesn’t really want to be in the group but she dragged him into it instead of the other way around.

She’s been out of college for a few and fell into the crew as a means to pay bills. She’s a good driver but she’s not skilled in anything specific. She’s a level 2 criminal if you will.

She’s bored waiting for the crew to come out from another heist. What makes this one different, is her crew is about to steal from a place secretly own and operated by Jin Chenghu of Chenghu crime family in Boston.

Which is not going to turn out well for their crew. Unless Jin wants things handled quietly. Then maybe she asks Nick Walker for a favor. The two of them tend to work together more than people realize.

Now it becomes a matter of figuring out who else is in her crew and if they really are small time or have a bit of a reputation in the business.

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