Creativity Post 11

(Originally posted Friday 1-13-17)


Tonight’s post on creativity is a good example of how even the most mundane picture/image can be used (i.e. twisted) to fit your needs.

I saved this one a while ago and I’m pretty sure whatever the original thought behind saving it is gone, especially since the new idea has taken hold.

The guy is some kind of mid-level analyst for the US Government. Not sure what agency. Very little actual fighting skill, so he’s not CIA/Spy category. He gets involved in something and is now on the run with his girlfriend. Whatever it was is big enough for him to leave the country. I’m thinking South America or Bahamas region.

Maybe he was part of some black ops mission that went sideways and now he’s a liability. Maybe he ran support for the mission. We can change his background then if need be.

The story would be him and his girlfriend trying to escape whoever is after them. Not a new concept in its own but remember ideas are a dime a dozen. It’s how you make those ideas your own that makes a story work.

It would probably be Novelette length, with their view point and the view point of the assassin/mercenary who’s after them.

Maybe the twist at the end is it’s secretly Megan who wants them dead. Which would really turn things upside down.

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