Creativity Post 10

(Originally posted Friday 12-30-16)


Tonight’s post on creativity is on an idea these pics triggered. As usual don’t get too hung up on the actual pics as they always serve to be a source of inspiration.

We’ve mentioned the mercenary company/group The Racines several times in these posts. And I think they would make sense here as well.

Although Grey Talon Security is large enough to field this many mercs, I like the idea of some job coming up that was considered high risk.

And since we know Isabella Racine treats the women in her company better than the men, she sends out 2 8-man teams to deal with the job. All 16 are guys she doesn’t like for one reason or another. They’ve all made her ‘shit list’ so to speak.

So the questions now are, what is the job? Why do these guys continue to work for Isabella? It’s no secret everyone thinks she a bitch and she loves that reputation. Are there any superstars out of the 16 men? I’m thinking 4 or 5 guys could come together and get decent backstories.

Maybe this is the job that makes them quit working for The Racines. Maybe this is the job that forces Isabella to start being nice. She probably still won’t but it’s a thought. 😉


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