Creativity Post 9

(Originally posted Friday 12-16-16)


I’m feeling like tonight’s post on creativity could rabbit trail a bit so follow along best you can.

So what stood out with this picture was the pose itself. Namely the standing on the couch and looking out the window. I’m thinking it’s more of a waiting for someone to arrive as oppose to watching someone leave. A subtle distinction that makes a big difference in this case.

Now the 1st question is who is she waiting for? Answer, her boyfriend who travels a lot. At 1st I was thinking he’d be CIA or some government guy but then I thought why not have him be an assassin. I’m leaning towards ex-CIA or maybe Marine Force Recon. He’s a good-looking guy of average height to help him blend in better. He’s been away for a while and she’s going to surprise him when he gets home. It’s his apartment but rented under an alias.

Here’s where the twist comes in. She knows what he does for a living and actually helps him when she can. How does she help? With connections. I’m thinking she’s a celebrity/model/actress combo something. She’s used to being filmed/ photographed so she’s comfortable in her skin and has zero fucks to give to haters which is probably how the two of them met and what drew them together. She doesn’t take crap and he likes that. And because she travels a lot as well, it makes their relationship work.

I’m thinking they both know Cristina Diaz but for different reasons. Maybe he’s Hispanic or Mediterranean. Now the question is will he be a good guy or a bad guy? Leaning towards good, black ops for the government. But by making him an assassin instead of straight CIA this frees him up to take side jobs from others and freelance.

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