Creativity Post 8

(Originally posted Friday 12-09-16)


Sometimes the photos I come across don’t always generate an immediate idea. Sometimes I just think they’re cool. Such as this one. Truth be told I didn’t even notice the 2nd guy in it until after several viewings of this pic. Which is how my current idea on how to use this came about.

I’m thinking they’re some kind of ‘off the grid’ kind of group. Probably a mix of former military and hunters and maybe their families depending on how big the group actually is. They’d be called something along the lines of ‘The Watchers’ but not as generic.

Still not sure if they’ll be good or bad. Maybe neutral. They only care about being left alone and protecting their land. They’d be really good at camouflage and blending in with their surroundings regardless of the season and highly trained. They most likely keep to themselves so they shouldn’t cause problems for most people.

The questions now are, why are they off the grid? How did they come about? And are they secretly a threat?

Perhaps some government agency got wind of them and wants to know more about them or wants them taken out for some reason.

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