Creativity Post 7

(Originally posted Friday 11-18-16)


Tonight’s post on creativity is a little different in that it’s not a character idea but rather a story idea. Keep in mind this is all off the top of my head and end results will vary. Plus following my thought process is always an adventure. 😉

This pic made me think of Alex Ortiz, probably cause she’s still fresh in my mind.

Check her out in the short story,  Monday Morning     #CheapPlug

Anyway, my idea so far is a story showing the end of a long day for Alex. She’s just gotten home from a workout session and is tired and sweaty. The hoodie is what stood out here. Ignore the makeup, earrings etc. Alex is feeling like crap because of something going on at work. She’s one of the best Marshals but doesn’t always play well with others and as such sometimes gets shut out of certain assignments. And given certain assignments.

I’m thinking she wanted to be involved in whatever is going on but gets put on something boring instead. So instead of going home she goes to blow off some steam. She probably knows Nick at this point but she’s not looking for that kind of release. Maybe she trained with Carol tonight or went somewhere different. Her normal gym?

The story is more of a look into her life and less Nick and his team so they wouldn’t be the focus. Plus, Alex isn’t going to run to a guy every time something goes wrong for her. That’s how I know the problem is work and not relationship stuff. Alex doesn’t sweat men.

The question now is what else is there to this story. Is it just a simple standalone or maybe this is just part 1 to a longer story with her. What’s the job she wanted to be on? Could that tie into something else going on that would bring Nick and team into the story?

All that from a gray hoodie Scott? Yes.  😉

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