Creativity Post 6

(Originally posted Friday 11-11-16)


Tonight’s post on creativity is how two things can be combined to make an idea better. I came across both pics yesterday and the top one 1st. I liked it but my original thought was that they would be a pair of bad guys easily taken out and wasn’t really sure there was a story there. But then I found the picture on the bottom and thought these guys were cool.

So then I thought, what if these were the same guys? And then things clicked. Still don’t have names on them and there’s a good chance I already have character names written down somewhere that these guys can slide right into and become.

To make them stand apart from some of my other two man teams I’m thinking these guys are really good but they hate each other, or at least don’t like each other. They don’t make jokes or have banter with each other,  which right there would be a challenge for me  😉
They don’t hang out after jobs either. It’s strictly a work relationship. Since they don’t care for each other, I’m thinking they were put together for a job at some point. Maybe they were the only survivors of a job and their employer kept them together as a package deal. And since they do work so well together they just went along with it. They probably don’t work with anyone else.

I’m thinking one of them is married and his family thinks he’s a business man who travels a lot. Maybe these guys don’t even see each other until they arrive at the job location, separately of course and the other guy doesn’t even know the other one is married and has a family.

Of course now the challenge would be how to make scenes interesting with these guys if they won’t talk or interact with each other besides going through the motions of work. And just who do they work for and what was their background? I’m thinking SWAT but from different cities.

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