April 29

Julie’s Weekend

The following story takes place in July 2015, before the events of Red Diamond.


“Oh hell no! You tell that bitch her ass better be behind the bar tonight or she can go find a new job. In fact, she better get us two five star reviews tonight or she can pack up her shit!”

“I will be sure to give her the message.”

“Good. Any word from Andrei?”


“Screw him then. His loss, not ours.”


“Anything else?”

“No, we good.”

“Okay. Don’t call me this weekend unless the club is actually on fire.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Hey Vanessa.”


“Thank you.”

“No problem. Have a great weekend girl.”

Twenty-eight-year-old Julie Taylor smiled as she ended the call and tossed her phone into the passenger seat of her car. She was bound and determined to do just that, even if this day seemed out to get her from the moment she woke up.

She wasn’t expecting to get any action this weekend but it would have been nice to at least have that option on the table, but no, this was the weekend her body decided to say haha, screw you. And Julie was already getting sick of it. Two months ago she went ahead and had the copper IUD put in after she made a really bad decision the month before. Since she’d never had a baby before, her doctor told her to expect some pain and cramping from it, but damned if she didn’t sound as bad as her pseudo-girlfriend, Bobbi Jordan. Then just when things looked to be going okay, her body went and expelled the damn thing last month. Julie was all for sticking out in a crowd, but when only two out of every hundred women have that happen to them, it was a bunch of crap. She was supposed to have gone back three weeks ago to try again but she’d been finding reasons to not make the appointment. She thought about getting the shot, since the pill was how she messed up in the first place four months ago, but seeing how Bobbi was, after switching to it, didn’t exactly give it a ringing endorsement.

Her drive to the club wasn’t much better as some asshole came speeding by in the lane next to her and clipped her, taking her mirror with him. She snapped a pic of his car for Megan to track down later.

What was suppose to be a ‘half day’ at work turned into a full day because of all the crap Vanessa added to her schedule without telling her. Vanessa was Julie’s floor manager when she wasn’t around and while she loved the girl to death, she was really trying her patience today. Especially when the moment Julie walked through the doors to the club she had to sit through an interview with a girl who was way too happy, cheerful, hyper and perky. By the time the ten minutes were up for the interview, Julie knew she would only be able to handle the girl in small doses but couldn’t deny that she’d be perfect for the hostess spot she needed filled.

She didn’t get to eat anything for lunch because she had to take a conference call to handle a crisis that had happened in a sister club in Miami. She managed to smooth things over, for now. Julie had a feeling they were going to have to take more drastic measures with that club, sooner rather than later.

Then as if she wasn’t in a pissy mood already, she had to sit around for an hour waiting for a meeting with a Russian named Andrei. He was the maker of a new vodka that was huge in New York right now and wanted her club, Alizarin, to sell it. In addition to being late for the meeting, Andrei didn’t even have the decency to show up for the meeting, choosing instead to send one of his mid-level pitchmen in his place. Like that would somehow be just as good.

The only reason Julie didn’t put her foot up the guy’s ass when she tossed him from Alizarin was because she had her favorite pair of red bottom Louis Vuitton pumps on to go with the one sleeve, thigh length, form fitting, cobalt blue dress she wore. She had an image to maintain, even on half days, not that that had actually happened today.

And now that she was almost at her destination, four hours late, one of her bartenders, Courtney, thought she could call out on a Friday night in July like it was no big deal. Fuck that. The girl only worked Friday and Saturday night for maybe 14 hours total and made enough to live off just that, in Boston.

Julie was glad she had never fooled around with her as it will be less awkward when she fires her ass on Monday. Good luck finding someplace that’s going to pay as much as Julie did, especially when Courtney’s left arm was completely tattooed down to her hand and knuckles. She did have a nice body though. But she talked so loud. Maybe she’d wait and see how the girl did this weekend before making a snap decision in her current mood.

Julie let out a sigh as she drove past the titanium gate that surrounded the large property in Maine. It’s nickname was the ‘The Walker Compound’. In addition to being the General Manager to Alizarin, Julie was also secretly a member of the mercenary team Red Diamond. As a former US Army Intelligence Officer, Julie brought the same abilities to Red Diamond, giving them the inside scoop on everything going on within Boston’s underworld, thanks in no small part to all the hot girls who worked for Julie at Alizarin.

She parked her car right in front of the house and got out, pausing to pull her dress back down a bit, she reached back for her phone and slung her overnight bag over her shoulder, before walking up to the door and pressing her finger to the big, oak front door. She waited for her prompt and entered her pin number. As this was Red Diamond’s secret HQ, all the entrances had keyless locks.

Julie walked into the house, closing the door behind her, and walked through the huge front entrance, past the double staircases, through the enormous great room that had been turned into the living room. She exited the living room out the side door that was on the left side and stepped onto the patio. The house was amazing and the backyard was just as impressive.

A large patio surrounded the just as large, kidney shaped pool in front of her. She planned to be spending most of tomorrow working on her tan right here in one of the very comfy lounge chairs. The hot tub was to her right at the end of the patio and a small one bedroom cabin style pool house was in the corner opposite it.

Julie went left though, to the team’s main hangout spot, another pool house. This one was large with a much different design as it was an open concept with pillars. The two areas inside it included a kitchen and a lounging area. The kitchen had a built in grill and a black marble countertop island that could comfortably seat a dozen around it. Past the kitchen was the lounging area but they had set it up to be another living room, with four couches and a fireplace. An 80inch curved TV was hung above it, and offered an excellent view to those sitting at the island or on one of the couches. A bathroom was around the corner from the kitchen on the outside. Julie’s teammate Clarissa, a former US Army engineer and genius, had built retractable walls around the place, so as to protect it from the sometimes brutal Maine winters, and it gave them an excuse to entertain in it all year long. Julie didn’t get much downtime with Clarissa as their alias kept them in different places throughout the weeks, but when they did hangout, fun times were always had.

Truth be told, with the exception of Bobbi, Julie didn’t get to hangout with most of the members of her team, since her day job kept her so busy. Not that she was complaining about being the General Manager for one of Boston’s top clubs. But it did make weekends like this all the more enjoyable, she thought as she sat her bag on the marble countertop.

“Well look who it is,” Nick Walker said and gave her a kiss on the cheek from the other side.

Nick was technically the team’s leader and one of it’s co-founders. He was also her friend and one of the main reasons she joined up with Red Diamond.

“Sorry I’m late,” she said and sat down in a chair.

Nick placed a frozen blue raspberry margarita in front of her before turning the grill behind him on. He looked at her and asked, “What happened?”

Julie took a long sip of her margarita then told him about her annoying, crappy day, minus the morning. Nick took it all in and said, “If you were waiting around for this Andrei guy for so long, why didn’t you eat something then?”

“Well I didn’t know I’d be waiting that long and didn’t really want to be stuffing my face if he suddenly decided to walk in. How is that your take away from my story?” Julie asked before taking another sip.

Nick just flashed that great smile of his.

“When does the game start?” Julie asked, checking her phone for the time.


“That’s like, half an hour from now.”

“Yes it is.”

“So where is everyone?” Julie asked. She hadn’t seen anyone else’s car out front. “I mean even if they don’t want to watch the game, I can’t believe they wouldn’t show up for your grilling skills.”

“Why thank you. I don’t know if the others are going to watch the game, even if they do, it won’t be with us.”

Julie starred at him, puzzled.

“The team flew out to Vegas this weekend for that big UFC fight tomorrow night.”

“That was this weekend?” Julie asked covering her face with her hands. This day kept getting better and better.

“Sure is.”

“Fuck,” Julie said and instantly covered her mouth. Nick wasn’t a fan of swearing and she normally kept it in control but today, not so much.

“Why didn’t you remind me?” Julie asked and put her head on the counter.

“Because you’ve been looking forward to this weekend since April.”

“It’s okay. It’s just a baseball game Nick. Vegas-”

“Isn’t really my cup of tea,” Nick said and lifted her head up by the chin.

Julie smiled. This was the only weekend series the Boston Red Sox would play at home against the New York Yankees for the rest of the summer. While she and Nick did sneak in a game or two at Fenway during the season, when she had the time, she enjoyed sitting at home on the couch watching the games while Nick always cooked up the most delicious snacks for them. Knowing it would be the Yankees getting crushed this weekend, made it all the better.

Julie looked at the time on her phone again and stood up, again fixing her dress.

“I need to run to Rite Aid real quick.”

“Why?” Nick asked as he chopped up an onion. There were few things the Walker Compound didn’t already contain, some in spades.

“Not sure you really want to know.”

“I see. Well you’re more than welcome to run to Rite Aid or you could go up to my bathroom and check under the sink.”

Julie took another drink of her margarita, trying not to blush.

“No offense, as I know you’re use to dealing with Bobbi, but I don’t plan to be walking around in sweatpants this weekend.”

“I know.”

“Tell me we’re not actually having this conversation.”

“Guess it’s a good thing that I like you for you and not your vagina,” Nick replied.

Any hope Julie had of not being embarrassed flew out the window right then. She covered her red face and went into the house.

Could this day get any worse?



“Oh come on! That was a ball,” Julie yelled at the TV.

“I think you might be right on that one.”

Julie looked at Nick and said, “Of course I’m right. Not sure why it took you to the 9th inning to realize that.”

Nick smiled and Julie laughed.

Julie reached down and took the last bite of her fourth hot dog. Nick had grilled and fixed up a bunch for them, including her favorite, a mustard, red onion, dill pickle and shredded cheddar cheese hot dog. She ate two of those alone, but when Nick made her a bacon wrapped one with diced tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo, oh how she was glad she missed lunch then.

As if four fully loaded hot dogs wasn’t bad enough, Julie had also consumed a bunch of homemade cheesy fries, fresh soft pretzel bites, extra butter popcorn, the entire blue raspberry margarita, three beers, and at the 7th inning stretch, Nick brought out a chocolate peanut butter cup sundae with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel. She really had no idea how she had been able to consume it all, but right now she didn’t care. She was loving every bite.

Nick was about to say something when Julie yelled,

“Ball four!”

“You know what that means?” Nick asked.

Julie grinned at him.

“Big Papi time.”

They remained silent as David Ortiz took a first pitch strike. Nick watched contently as Julie leaned forward on the couch. She had changed into a pair of black yoga pants, her red Ortiz jersey and had put her dirty blonde hair into a ponytail, so as to wear her white Red Sox cap better. Her dark navy satin bra had made it to the 2nd inning before Julie realized it really belonged on the floor in front of them.

Ortiz took a second pitch, this one a ball. He stepped out of the batter’s box to fix his gloves. He stepped back in. Third pitch, a loud crack of the bat. Home run. Ballgame over.

“Yes!” Julie roared and turned and hugged Nick. “That was awesome.”

“Not a bad way to kick off this three game series,” Nick said and smiled as the TV showed the final score to be 5 to 3, Red Sox over the Yankees.

He shut the TV off while Julie cracked open a fourth beer and took a sip. She took off her cap and undid her ponytail.

“Do you mind if we stay out here a little longer?”

“Not at all. The fire still has plenty of life to it,” Nick replied and took a sip of his Mountain Dew.

Julie smiled and leaned back up against him, snuggling her face against Nick’s chest. He wrapped an arm around her and held her tight. She starred at the fire, the soft beating of Nick’s heart filling her ear.

Some how her crappy day turned out to be pretty damn good, all things considered. She was amazed at how no matter what was going on, Nick could be counted on to be the calm in the storm. He was always able to help you find your bearings no matter the mistakes you made.

Julie blinked away the tears she could feel forming.

“Thank you.”

“For what?” Nick asked.

“For tonight. All this,” Julie replied, waving her hand around.

“You’re welcome. It was my pleasure.”

“I ate way too much,” she said and placed her hands over her belly. They didn’t stay there for long, less she really started to cry. She hated being this emotional.

“I may have gotten a little carried away with the food tonight. I’ll keep that in mind for tomorrow night.”

“What’s tomorrow night?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“The game starts at the same time as today, right?”

“Sure does. Which gives us plenty of time to get everything done.”

“Everything what?” She asked and lifted her head off his chest to look at him.

“You’ll see tomorrow. Best that you just rest.”

Julie eyed him suspiciously before laying her head back on him.

“It better not interfere with my sunbathing,” she teased.

“Well that all depends.”

“On what?” She asked, lifting her head back up.

“On what bikini you’re wearing and if I can take pictures,” Nick said with a grin.

Julie blushed. She’d been awake for over fourteen hours, had removed all her makeup when she changed before the game, just ate three days worth of food in one meal, her hair was beyond words, and at this moment in time was feeling completely disheveled in her own skin. And yet this friend of hers, looked at her as if she was about to go out on the runway for Victoria’s Secret. The same friend who besides seeing her naked numerous times, had also shared an amazing night with her and Bobbi in the most intimate of ways not too long ago. And yet he could now stare at her in this very moment as though he’d never seen her, never held her, touched her, or tasted her. She didn’t know how he could do it, but there wasn’t a doubt in her mind that he meant it. Every look was genuine. That’s what made it such a double edged sword, knowing that no matter what, they could never be anything more than what they were now.

“I haven’t decided yet,” she finally said. “But,” she added, “I’ll give you a hint. It’s pink and small. You know how I feel about tan lines.”

Nick grinned and said, “I do believe that was two hints.”

“Really? That’s your take away?” She replied and smacked him.

“Careful, I ate too much,” he teased and laughed.

Julie couldn’t help but to smile. She saw Nick the least compared to the other girls on the team and rarely got this much one on one time with him, so it was nice to hear him laugh. Especially when she was the reason for it.

She let out a deep breath and nestled into him. She starred back at the fire some more, trying to focus on this night and nothing else. Nick began to hum something. She didn’t recognize it but she liked it. She was sound asleep minutes later.



“Has anyone ever told you how much you suck?” Julie asked while trying to catch her breath.

“Well, I guess that depends on the context of the question doesn’t it.”

“Stop. Don’t make me laugh,” Julie said trying not to do just that. She was almost up the stupid hill.

She woke up this morning in one of the guest rooms. She couldn’t remember how she got there but was 99.9% certain Nick had carried her there. The only reason she got up when she did was because she had to pee so bad. Next thing she knew, Nick was walking into the room with a black duffel bag, just as she was trying to get back under the covers.

“What’s that?” She had asked.

“Some presents for you,” Nick replied and set the bag on the bed.

Julie’s curiosity got the better of her and she opened it up to find a brand new pair of Saucony Hurricane sneakers, a hot pink Under Armor sports bra with black trim, black Under Armor Capris with pink trim, several energy bars and protein shakes, plus a Go Throw luxury linen beach blanket, that despite it’s huge size was rolled up like a oversize newspaper to fit perfectly within the bag.

“Oh my God. Seriously Nick. This is, wow,” she said while feeling the softness of the blanket.

“Softest one they make. You like it?”

“I love it.”

“Good. Now go change so we can get started.”

“On what?”

“We going on a run girl.”

“But I wanted to sleep more. And I haven’t had breakfast or showered yet.”

Nick picked up one of the energy bars and said, “Breakfast in bed, plus you’re just going to get dirty so you shower when we get back.”

Julie starred at him and pouted.

“You didn’t really think you’d spend a weekend with me without getting sweaty and out of breath did you?”

He gave her a kiss on the forehead and headed for the door.

“Meet me out front,” he said before leaving.

That was over an hour ago and Julie had been running almost nonstop since. She could feel the burn in her legs as she finally made it to the top of the hill that was part of Red Diamond’s obstacle course, hidden in the several acres of woods behind the house. It wouldn’t have been nearly as bad if Nick hadn’t made them run down the mile long road leading to the Walker Compound, twice, before they hit the long, always changing wooded trails.

Not helping was the fact that it was already 90 degrees out this early in the day. She unscrewed the cap to her water bottle and took a long drink before dumping the rest over her head, soaking her chest in the process, not that it mattered since she was covered in sweat.

“Good job.”

“Thanks,” Julie said and bent over to catch her breath.

Nick rested a hand on her back and said, “To think I was worried you were getting soft from all that time at the club.”

“As if. But if you tell me we’re running this again, I may just throw up on you now and call it a day.”

“Nope, we’re done,” Nick said and glanced at the sun for the time. “We’ve got about 30 minutes before we need to leave, if you want to go take a quick shower. I’d recommend a ponytail and your baseball cap afterwards.”

“Okay,” Julie said slowly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just starting to feel like I’m your dress up Barbie today,” Julie said and smirked while posing in the sports bra and Capris he bought her.

“What? That’s ridiculous.”

“Oh it is, is it?”

“Yes. Barbie wishes she had a butt as nice as yours,” Nick said and gave Julie’s butt a slap before running down the hill and back to the house.

“Ha! Nice try buddy but I’m not chasing after you,” she hollered at him, then slowly made her way down the hill.

Not that it mattered to her, but Julie was thought to have the nicest ass in the group, which considering how hot the other girls were… okay it did matter to her. She didn’t count Clarissa cause girl had more of a booty and-

A rock came loose under Julie’s foot and she slipped landing right on her butt, before sliding down the hill the rest of the way.

“Ow,” she said and stood up to brush herself off. She looked around to see if Nick had seen that, but didn’t see him.

She took off in a light jog once back on the trial leading to the house, trying to think of something else besides the other girls asses, though she wouldn’t mind a sneak peak of Carol’s one of these days. Girl definitely had it going on.

Julie made it back to the house without any further incidents and grabbed her cell phone from the kitchen before going upstairs, a bit surprised she hadn’t seen Nick anywhere.

She walked into the bathroom and found a small basket of stuff on the toilet for her. Three different kinds of body wash, two shampoos, four mini bottles of lotions, a brand new pink loofah, and a giant, extra soft towel, also pink. Julie shook her head and smiled. She closed the door and turned the shower on.

She pulled off her damp sports bra first and tossed it too the ground. She was about to take her Capris off but stopped to grab her phone. She covered her boobs with her left arm and snapped a picture of herself in the mirror. She took three more before sending the second one to Bobbi. Something for her to look at tonight.

Julie took the rest of her clothes off and stepped into the hot shower. It was hotter than she would have liked on a day like this but she was smelling hella ripe.

She was making good time until she started washing her stomach and once more had to fight back tears. She finished washing up and quickly did her hair, wondering what else Nick had planned for her today.



There was no doubt in Julie’s mind that she was in paradise right now as she took a sip of the Pineapple Mai Tai that Nick had made for her. It was her second one, and considering Nick didn’t drink, pretty damn good. She adjusted her sunglasses and closed her eyes, loving the feel of the hot sun on her skin and the sweat that slowly ran down her. Much nicer workout than the one this morning.

After her shower, Nick had taken her to a batting cage for an hour and helped her with her swing. After that, bacon cheeseburgers, wings and chocolate shakes at Hooters. Their waitress was hot as fuck and Julie offered her a job at Alizarin before they left. She was coming in on Monday for an interview. They stopped at the Square One Mall in Saugus, MA since they were nearby and Nick bought her the sunglasses she currently wore plus a outfit for tonight’s game.

At this point her overnight bag had been pointless as Nick kept providing everything for her. Well everything but her reading material, as she had purchased several fashion magazines and a few gossip ones to read poolside. She managed to get through two of them before she couldn’t focus anymore because Nick had the nerve to take a dip in the pool. The guy was a walking, talking, ladyboner with his clothes on, but shirtless and in swim trunks? Oh it just wasn’t fair to be in her current condition.

She was sure to snap a few pics of him and of herself laying there, sexy as hell. And because she was such a good friend, she sent a few of them to Bobbi, and told her she might want to change her bed sheets when she got home. Bobbi replied with a selfie of her middle finger. She also said she wished she had stayed home but didn’t elaborate further.

Julie sat up long enough to undo the string to her pink bikini top before turning over to lay facedown on the Go Throw beach blanket. The thing felt amazing. Nick had stopped swimming not to long after her texts to Bobbi and disappeared after bringing her the second Mai Tai. That had been over an hour ago and Julie just laid there not moving a muscle. She didn’t realize just how much she had needed this weekend. She wondered how she was going to be able to show Nick her gratitude and thought of Bobbi in Vegas. Her friend Tara was currently in Vegas working as a bounty hunter. She’d be up for a fun night.

Julie smiled. She could arrange that. She stayed on her stomach a little longer before rolling back over. She tossed her top to the ground and gave her boobs a rub before relaxing once more. She wasn’t used to them being this tender. Whatever. She wasn’t letting anything spoil her weekend.

She finished her drink then dozed off for a bit, her thoughts happy.



“What?” Julie asked when she saw Nick starring at her the moment she stepped out onto the patio.

Nick had set up a table so they could eat out under the evening stars.

“Nothing. You look very nice.”

Julie smiled and tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear. She was thinking of making it blonder again. After her sunbathing, she’d taken another shower, this one with less urgency and changed into a short jean skirt with ankle black leather boots and a long, maroon velvet shirt, with an open neck that showed a generous amount of cleavage, that her black satin bra was holding back.

“In hindsight I guess I could have given the girls the night off, huh?” Julie asked, feeling a bit foolish, but at least not sore. The wonders of four Advil.

Nick pulled out her chair for her and whispered into her ear, “You’re fine.”

“You’re really sweet, you know that?”

“Just doing my small part to restore chivalry to this world.”

“Well, I must say, you’re making a valiant go at it. But I dare say there was nothing chivalrous about the things you did to Bobbi and I not too long ago.”

Nick placed a huge container of thick cut steak fries in the center of the table, along with four different dipping sauces.

“Dare I say, I don’t remember the lady protesting such actions at the time,” Nick said as he poured her a big glass of red wine, specifically a 2008 bottle of Brunello Riserva DOCG.

“That’s cause this lady couldn’t stop moaning to voice a protest.”

“Oh I recall that all right,” Nick replied while setting a dish of fresh green beans tossed with butter and olive oil and a bowl of garlic smashed potatoes, on the table.

“Should you like to recall another night like that, it could be arranged,” Julie said, touching his hand.


“I can find someone other than Bobbi too if you’d like. Or in addition too. Do you remember my friend Tara? Works out in Vegas.”

Nick thought for a second and said, “She’s the one with all the brothers that are bounty hunters, right?”

“Yes. I was thinking of inviting her over here sometime.” Julie said while trailing a finger nail over Nick’s hand. “I figure it’s the least I can do.”

Nick starred at her before walking back to the grill in silence. She took a steak fry and chewed, suddenly feeling really nervous.

“What do you mean by that?” Nick finally said on his way back with a large wooded cutting board.

“Nothing, it’s just that you’ve spoiled me like no one else ever has in the last twenty-four hours.”

“And you think I’m only doing it just to get another threesome out of you?”

Julie shook her head vigorously. “No, no. Oh God tell me this isn’t happening right now,” she said and covered her face.

Nick placed the large wooden cutting board down in from of her. Julie looked to see a 24oz Porterhouse steak grilled to perfection. It looked amazing.

“I’m never going to be able to eat all that.”

“I know. I planned to use the rest to make you a steak tip salad for lunch tomorrow. I made some of that peppercorn ranch dressing that you love while you were sunbathing.”

Julie rubbed her eyes.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Doing what?”

“All this,” Julie said, waveing her arm around. “Just tell me what you want from me Nick. It’s okay. I’ll do it.”

“I don’t want anything from you Julie.”

“There has to be something. No one goes to this much trouble for me.”

“I do.”

Julie looked up at him, tears starting to roll down her face.

“I don’t understand…”

“What’s to understand? You’re my friend and I want you to be happy. Why is that wrong?”

“Because I don’t deserve any of this. Not after what I did.”

She stared at Nick and the dam she’d been trying to keep together finally burst and she started crying. Nick knelt down and hugged her, which only made her start to sob.

“You didn’t do anything wrong Julie. These things happen.”

She continue to cry for a bit then said, “This weekend would have been the start of my second trimester.”

“I know,” Nick whispered into her ear and held her tighter. She started crying all over again.

Alizarin had a excellent reputation of being a safe place for those of more questionable occupations to cut loose. Julie had been charmed by a mercenary doing a job up here before going back to Miami. Despite the use of condoms, and with her constant forgetfullness of taking the pill, Julie had unknowingly gotten pregnant. It wasn’t until two weeks later when she found herself in the bathroom at her apartment in Boston covered in blood. She freaked out and called Nick because that’s what they all did when there was a problem. He lived on the floor above her in their Boston building and came down to check on her. He drove her the short distance to the ER at Tufts, where they informed her that she had had a miscarriage.

Nick took her back home and spent the night on the couch with her while she kept going through all the horrible things she had done while pregnant. How could she not have known? She called out sick the next day and just stayed in bed. Netiher of them had ever told anyone else what had happened that night.

“I don’t know why I’m acting like this,” she said, trying to catch her breath.

“It’s okay Julie. You’re body has been through a lot lately. It’s just trying to sort things out. You’re going to be okay.”

“How can you be so sure about that?” Julie asked, wiping her nose on his shirt.

“Because I’m going to be here for you. Because we’re family.”

Julie remained slient for several minutes, her crying eventually subsiding.

“Thank you Nick. For everything.”

“You’re welcome. Are you ready to eat?”

“Yeah. Sorry.”

“It’s fine.”

Nick let go of her and went to get his steak, putting the game on as he did.

Julie cut into hers and closed her eyes savoring the taste.

“OMG, this is amazing.”

“I’m glad that you approve,” Nick said as he sat down across from her.

“Be honest. My face looks like shit now, right?” Julie said starring at him.


Julie nodded.

“A lil bit.”

“Sorry about your shirt,” Julie said softly. It was smeared with her makeup and tears and… snot.

“If you wanted me to eat dinner with you shirtless, you could have just asked,” Nick said and winked at her.

Julie laughed before taking a sip of her wine.

“So what are we doing tomorrow?” She asked.

“Whatever you want to do. It’s your weekend after all.”

Julie smiled and took another bite of steak. Yes it is. And what a weekend it was.


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October 3

The October Tradition

The following story takes place in October 2015, before the events of Red Diamond


“Can I ask you something Nick?”

“You just did,” Nick said and looked over at his passenger, his best friend Megan. She responded with her bitchy resting face, aka her BRF.

Nick cringed and said, “Not as amusing when someone else does it to you?”

Megan didn’t answer.

“What’s your question?” He asked.

“Why do you always let people cut ahead of you?”

“I do?”

“Yes. Like just now, you could have gone but you let that person turn first.”

Nick shrugged as he turned into the parking lot. He drove straight and parked at the end, his car facing the field ahead.

“If I let them go, then they’re not really cutting right?”

“Technically not.”

“Just me being nice I guess. I’m usually not in a rush, so what’s the big deal of a few extra seconds?”

“If I were to add up and calculate all those ‘extra few seconds’,” Megan said while using air quotes, “You’d be shocked at how much time you’ve lost.”

“Time that I could use to play online video games?”

Megan stared at him, still not amused.

“It’s my method of relaxation,” she finally said.

“Pretending to be an elf?”

“Oh ye of limited knowledge,” Megan mumbled.

“Clarissa said something about finding a genie?”

Megan turned to look at him, about ready to smile, when he said, “Is it like the genie from the movie ‘Miracle Beach’, cause that is my kind of genie.”

“I think you’re hanging out with Wade too much,” she replied and got out of the car.

“That was mean,” Nick said and shut off the car and got out.

He was about to say something else when a loud clap of thunder filled the air.

“That was a good one.”

“Yes, yes. Can we please just hurry this ‘snack run’ along. I’d like to get settled in before it starts pouring.”

“Scared of a little thunder?” Nick teased.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Thunder can’t harm you. But lightning, that’s a different matter entirely,” Megan said and narrowed her eyes at him.

“Ha-ha, very funny. So where to first, Carl’s or Golden Harvest?”

“We always go to Carl’s first,” Megan replied.

“So we should do Golden Harvest then, change it up a bit.”

Megan looked at him like he’d grown a second head.

“Or… We could get the sandwich meat first.”

Megan nodded at him and walked to her right. Nick held the door open for her and they both stepped into Carl’s Meat Market. Next to it was Golden Harvest, a produce shop. Megan and Nick had been shopping there for over twenty years but the stores had been opened for decades before they discovered them.

“Lovely,” Megan mumbled.

The place was packed with people placing orders. Nick smiled as he could sense the ‘lets get home before a big storm hits’ vibe about the place. It didn’t matter if it was rainstorm, thunderstorm, or snowstorm. He loved them all. Well, when he got to stay at home that is. Like tonight.

“Remember when we were kids and use to ride our bikes here. And we’d put the stuff in the basket on your Dorothy bike?” Nick said with a grin.

“Remember the time we came here and you didn’t tell that story?” Megan replied.

“As a matter of fact I do. It was right around the time we went into Golden Harvest first and then Carl’s,” Nick countered quickly and smiled at her as they got in line.

Megan gave him a look then stuck out her tongue. “Just for that you’re adding liverwurst to the list.”

Nick’s face twitched.

“Really? Don’t be gross.”

“Yes really. Next time don’t make fun of me.”

“You started it.”

“Can I help who’s next!” A guy bellowed from behind the meat counter.

Nick held up his hand.

“What can I get for you?”

“Three pounds of everything on this list,” Nick said and handed it over to the guy.

“You got it.”

He walked over to the deli meat counter on the right-hand side of the store. Nick and Megan followed him.

“Oh, I want a box of Goods chips too,” Megan added when they walked past the chip display rack.

“Yeah, yeah. You do realize I could just tell him what we want instead of bringing a list every time, right?”

“Yes, but a list is more efficient. He now knows exactly what we want without having to ask ‘anything else’ after everything. He also knows the proper order to go in now, he can do meats then cheeses or vice versa instead of piecemeal, thus saving himself and by extension, us, time.”

“You and your time. Go get us some of the pickles in a bag before people nab them all,” he said and shooed her away.

“I got the last three they had, happy?” She said a minute later while holding them up as proof.

“It’s a start. But you know what would really make me happy?”

“What?” Megan said with some bass.

“You trying to act like you’re going to have a good time tonight.”

Megan rolled her eyes. Last year around this time, Nick revised an old ‘October Tradition’ of his and Megan’s from their teenage days. Nick would make them all super sandwiches while she, Clarissa, Bobbi, and Carol watched the original Halloween 1 and Halloween 2 in the big living room. Then they watched a horror movie no one had seen yet. The night would end with Nick telling a scary story. The next day they were driving over an hour away to go pick pumpkins and wander through a huge corn maze. Once they got back home they would carve their pumpkins while Nick started cooking them a dinner comprising of New England Corn Chowder, clam chowder with bacon, fresh cornbread and his beef stew in homemade bread bowls. Nick also broke out several bottles of very expensive wine, which is why they did the pumpkin carving before hand. Bobbi hacking a pumpkin with a knife was bad enough but a tipsy Bobbi with a knife was just asking for trouble.

Nick had invited the guys but they were already flying out to join Brandon for a football game. Megan sent Julie with them on business for the club since they would be in Las Vegas anyway. Julie wasn’t happy that she was missing out on this, especially since she enjoyed it a little too much last year with Bobbi and Nick, but it saved a lot of time not having to go later this year.

Megan sighed and said, “I don’t think you understand how much work I have to do, especially with all the guys in Vegas for the weekend, and how much of a waste of time this really is.”

“It’s not a waste of time, it’s us having some fun. You don’t like leaf peeping?”

Megan paused, wondering if peeping should be in consideration as one of her ‘No Words’.

“I don’t see the point of driving an hour tomorrow for a pumpkin when we could just buy one next door if you really have the urge to stab one with a knife.”

Nick stared at her.

“Anything else guys?” The guy behind the counter asked.

“Yes. One pound of liverwurst please. And that’ll do it.”

“Sure thing.”

“Thanks,” Megan mumbled.

“You’re welcome. There’s always going to be work and things to do Megan. There won’t however, always be time for fun.”

“Fun doesn’t pay the bills.”

“Nope, you do. Except for when you get a bad case of the mumbles,” Nick said and poked her in the ribs.

“You guys all set?” The guy asked.

He was now behind one of the two registers ringing up all the deli meat and cheese. Megan put the three pickles down on the counter and Nick the box of Goods chips. Nick also grabbed several packages of potato rolls before paying in cash and told the guy to keep the change.

“Thank you. You guys have a great night.”

“You too,” Nick said and carried the brown paper bag and box of Goods chips. Megan held the door for him.

“Did you just tip the guy for cutting the meat?”

“Yeah, so?”

“You are aware that that’s his job, right?”

“I am,” Nick replied as he put the stuff in the back of the car, cause he couldn’t just walk into Golden Harvest carrying it. That’s just not how these trips worked.

“Wait, is this about me tipping the girls at the Dairy Queen during the summer?”

“All they’re doing is getting the ice cream. That’s what they’re suppose to do!” Megan said and threw her hands up in the air.

It was at that moment when it started to sprinkle.

“Yes but they do it with a smile,” Nick teased. “Why do you hate college girls?”

Megan rolled her eyes.

“I think you’ve been hanging out with Carol too much,” Nick said and walked the two dozen or so steps over to Golden Harvest.

“What’s that suppose to mean?”


“Speaking of college girls. What’s this I hear about you giving this ‘Pixie’ girl a ride home, twice this week, I might add.”

“Her car was in the shop and I was just being nice. That’s still allowed right?”

“Not if they’re only twenty-one-years old.”

“You worry too much.”

“And you not enough.”

“Well I guess that’s why we make such a good team,” Nick said and poked her in the ribs again. He held the door open for her.

“What’s got you in such a good mood?” Megan asked while glancing back. The sky was getting dark. She walked in and Nick followed behind her.

“Why wouldn’t I be? I’m picking up some yummy snacks and then get to spend the night camping out in the living room with my friends while I tell a scary story,” Nick said as he took a basket.

“Wait, what? Who said anything about sleeping in the living room?”



“Just now.”

“I don’t-”

“What do you think Clarissa is going to wear tonight?” Nick whispered into Megan’s ear, as he grabbed a bag to put tomatoes in.

“Oh I strongly advise you to disengage from this line of conversation.”

“Fine. I’ll just wait for tonight.”

“I believe I have made myself perfectly clear on my wishes when it comes to this matter and you two.”

“So, should I not mention that I helped her pick out her Halloween costume for the party later this month?”

“Excuse me?” She said sharply.

Last year, without telling her, Nick had rented this old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere and threw a big Halloween party for the team and all the guys and girls that trained at their dojo. People were to park in the long dirt driveway and found a note on the decrepit wrap around porch, along with a flashlight. They were to follow the trail behind the farmhouse out into the woods. A few turned and went home right then, which Megan couldn’t blame them once you saw what the woods looked like. Those that did take the walk were then faced with something even Megan thought unfair. Kat Takayama and Koori Ino, two legit, real life kunoichi, dressed up as those creepy Japanese undead girls and weaving in and out of wooded trail. Those deemed unworthy were unknowingly led back to the farm house by Koori, though she did let three drunken douches stumble along a separate dirt road. They were found by the local sheriff a few hours later, cold, but unharmed. Koori had certainly earned her nickname ‘Ice’

Those that were deemed worthy were led by Kat to several warm fires, two of which had a roasted pig over it. Portable showers with hot water and a change of clothes were also available for those that may have soiled themselves. Few did not partake in them. Using Kat and Koori was just cruel Megan thought. Everyone raved about the party for weeks after though, especially the pigs that Nick had cooked, using a recipe he had learned while in Japan for all those years.

This year, Nick had rented a brand new barn to throw a costume party in. The scares wouldn’t be there, mainly because Kat and Koori had gone back to Japan already, but the pigs would be again. People at the dojo were already amped about it.

“We went with Elektra. Figured Vampirella might be a little too much for her brother.”

“Or anyone.”

“We thought about Ms. Marvel but she didn’t want to wear a blonde wig.”

“I’m feeling very inclined to tell her the evening for her is cancelled. In fact, I know of something she can do instead,” Megan replied and tapped her Bluetooth.

“You can’t do that.”

“Watch me.”

“No. This is her first time. Are you really going make her wait another year for me to pop her-”

“You really need to stop talking right this minute!” Megan said and hit him with her BRF again.

“Oh my God, that’s twice now. Sorry. I misspoke.”

“Hey chica. You guys almost done?” Clarissa said in her ear.

“If you spoil her night then I’ll have to spoil my best friend’s surprise.”

Megan narrowed her eyes at him.

“Almost. Keep the gate open for us please,” Megan said.

“You bet. That it?”

She stared at Nick who stared right back.


“Okay. Bye.”

Clarissa hung up and Megan switch off her Bluetooth.

“Your statement would imply that you have a surprise for me.”

“Correct,” Nick said with a wink as he filled a bag with cucumbers.

“And just what do you have that will surprise me?”

“You know Megan, you could help gather stuff while we talk. It would expedite our task here and get us home before the storm hits. And save us time.”

Megan walked over to the cooler and took out a carton of Shain’s of Maine ice cream. She placed it carefully in the basket Nick carried.

“Black Raspberry? Since when do you like that?”

“I don’t. Bobbi asked me to pick some up for tonight. I was being nice.”

“That’s the spirit. Remember our final year of trick or treating in the village and that little girl had her candy stolen by those older kids and you gave her all of yours?”

“I had enough pimples to worry about without eating all that chocolate. Besides, she was dressed as a scientist.”

Nick smiled and Megan could tell he was thinking back to that night. Nick may or may not have followed those older kids back to Dan’s Path and relieved them of not just their candy but also their flashlights when they paused to drink some beer. The two of them spent the rest of night leaving candy on the sidewalks, like they were Hansel and Gretel, for little kids to find. They ended their last trick or treating just like they did every other one, eating hot dogs at the Kittery Fire Station.

Megan shook her head.

“So how goes it with Michelle?” She asked, changing the subject.

“It’s going,” Nick replied and turned away from her. He bagged several red onions.

“Meaning what?”

“Meaning, it’s going,” he said, still not looking at her.

Megan brushed her long brown hair out of her face. She wore her glasses today cause she knew she’d be up late and didn’t want the bother of taking her contacts out later. She had also opted not to do a pony tail today and was regretting that decision. She cleaned off her glasses before staring at Nick as he continued to gather things. Michelle Trilling could be useful, but she wasn’t critical. Unfortunately Megan didn’t have any other leads right now, so she didn’t see the harm in letting Nick linger with Michelle for awhile. So long as Morgan didn’t find out anytime soon.

Nick had just finished getting the last of the stuff he needed when the lights flickered and the loudest clap of thunder yet sounded outside.

“Can we head home now?” She asked.


Nick took his basket to the counter and unloaded it all. He paid in cash and Megan quickly followed him out.

“Oh look, pumpkins. Imagine that, we could buy some right now.”

“Not happening. Hurry, the rain is about to hit.”

Megan looked up at the dark sky and flinched when she saw a bolt of lightning in the distance.

Nick had just started up the car when the sky opened up and it started pouring.”

“So what’s this surprise?”

“I got Cristina Diaz to say yes.”

Megan’s eyes widen in shock.

“Are you serious?” She exclaimed.


“So that means you can now take care of both things for me?”


Megan rubbed her hands together in excitement. She was downright giddy now. She should have brought her tablet.

“This is great. You know how much-”

“Time I’ve saved you,” Nick interrupted. “More than enough for you to enjoy tonight and pumpkin picking tomorrow.”

Megan stopped rubbing her hands but continued to smile.

“Ha-ha. Well played. You win.”

“I don’t want to win Megan. I want us to have some fun together. Like we used to,” Nick said and looked at her.

Megan brushed her hair away again and fixed her glasses. Those days were gone and not coming back. How could they when she was such a different person now.

“Okay,” she said and touched his hand.

Nick smiled and pulled out of the parking lot. The windshield wipers working frantically to combat the rain.

“I am curious as to how you got her to say yes.”

“Well, first I’ll be keeping a closer eye on her sister Joyce for the rest of winter. And second, even though Cristina Diaz is like one of the top pop stars in the country right now-”

“I heard she may be in the running to get the half-time show at the Super Bowl.”

Nick glanced at her.

“Sorry, go ahead.”

“She’s a bit of a kinky girl. She loves when I insert my whole-”

“Really! Do I look like Bobbi? Stop right now! TMI much.”

“But you asked.”

“And I’m regretting that right this moment. Plus you said a No Word. Don’t think you’re not still on thin ice with me, Nicholas.”

Nick grimaced and focused his attention on the road. They were almost back to the Walker Compound.

“You know what will make you feel better?” He said after several moments of complete silence.


“Four hours of watching Michael Myers in the dark, with me.”

“Yeah and three other girls. One of which will no doubt be screaming every other minute.”

Nick laughed. “Bobbi is so easy.”

Megan looked sideways at him.

“To scare. Really?”

“You’re the one saying it.”

Nick shook his head.

“It’ll be fun. You’ll see,” he said and squeezed her hand.

Megan couldn’t help but to smile. She looked out the window and remembered back to riding her bike with Nick all those years ago. It was still hard to imagine they use to do this ‘October Tradition’ with two future billionaires. Back then, Nick’s mom, Lisa, would do all the cooking for them, while Nick prepped for her. Lisa made the most delicious food and as such Megan had eaten more meals at the Walker’s house growing up than at her own home.

Megan glanced at Nick before letting out a sigh.  She missed Lisa. She missed her dad.

Fuck October.


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September 12

Bobbi’s Request

The following story takes place in September 2015, before the events of Red Diamond.


“Did you need any help Miss?”

Bobbi put the boots she was looking at back down.

“Do you have anymore of these?” She asked the sales guy.

“Unfortunately no. It’s on clearance so that’s all we have left of those. But, we have this year’s version of it down on the back wall,” the sales guy replied and pointed.

“Cool. Thanks,” she said with a smile.

“You’re very welcome,” the sales guy replied with a big smile.

Bobbi walked down where the guy pointed. Nick was already there, grinning.

“And just what are you grinning about?”

“That guy was so checking out your ass.”

“Can you blame him? These jeans totally make my ass look fine,” Bobbi said and turned her butt toward Nick.

The dark navy jeans did indeed work in Bobbi’s favor and gave her already firm butt a tight look.

“Very nice.”

“That’s not all though.”

Bobbi turned to the side of Nick and squatted down in front of the boots. Her red shirt lifted up on her back and Nick, or anyone for that matter, could see down the back of Bobbi’s jeans and see her dark purple satin panties.

“Are those…” Nick started.

Bobbi stood back up without selecting a box.

“My La Perla panties you bought me in Milan for a Christmas present? Why yes they are. Or as I like to call them, my ‘spank me panties’,” Bobbi said and planted a kiss so quick on Nick, it sent her dirty blonde ponytail swaying.

“I see. And just what exactly warrants a wearing of these panties today?”

“Why were you in Milan anyway?” Bobbi asked as she turned to look at the boots.

The sales guy was right, they did look the same, except for the stitching. They were also forty dollars more.

“Megan needed me to pick up and deliver something back to her,” Nick replied, wondering why Bobbi dodged his question.

“It must have been important for you to fly to Italy.”

Nick shrugged. Bobbi was right in that he rarely flew out of the country, on commercial flights, alone.

“Megan said it was and I just do what she says.”

“You pick things up and put them down,” Bobbi said in her Arnold voice.

“Something like that,” Nick said and flashed that smile of his.

She shook her head at him and pulled out a size eight of the boot and found a chair by Nick. The sales guy appeared on Bobbi’s right side and looked like he was going to say something to her but stopped when he saw Nick standing there. He faked a smile to Nick and went by them without saying anything.

“Why do you always do that?” Bobbi asked.

“Do what?”

“Scare guys away.”

“I’m just standing here. Do you want me to leave? Give you some space so you can work on picking up the shoe salesman?”

Bobbi stuck her tongue out at him, then put on the boot, or tried to. She took her foot out at once.

“Would you hand me a eight and a half?”

“Are you sure you want me to? I could go get the shoe guy. Assuming I don’t send him running out into the mall screaming.”

“You’re a brat.”

“Hello pot, meet kettle,” Nick said and went to tickle her.

“No don’t,” Bobbi said and started giggling. “You’ll make me pee my pants.”

“You say that every time,” Nick replied and tickled her anyway.

Once Bobbi had laughed enough to draw looks from other shoppers passing by the aisle, Nick stopped and gave her the next size.

“Man, I can’t take you anywhere,” he said with a grin.

Bobbi puckered her lips at him then began to toss all the paper from the boot onto the floor next to the other trash she had already generated.

“Seriously?” She said once the boot was on.

“Do you want a nine?” Nick asked.


He pulled that out and Bobbi tossed the eight and a half box onto the floor with more paper from the nine to go with it.

“That’s more like it.”

“Those are some big heels,” Nick said.

Bobbi was now almost as tall as him. She took a walk down the aisle. Nick made sure to stare at her butt while she did. Bobbi smiled the whole time as she could sense his gaze on her ass and liked it. She turned and walked back to him, never missing a beat in her stride.


“I like them. I don’t get why I needed to go up to a size nine but whatever. Do you like them?”

“It doesn’t matter what I like since it’s for you. But yes, I think they look good on you.”

“Good, cause I was buying them anyway.”

Nick laughed as Bobbi sat down and put the boots back in the box and her sneakers on. She took the box and started for the register.

“Um, Bobbi?”

“Yes, Nick?”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Nick asked.

“Oh yeah.”

She walked back to Nick and reached into his jeans for his wad of cash.

“And here I thought you left your gun in the car,” she said with a leer as she pulled off two one hundred dollar bills from the wad. “You did say today was your treat,” Bobbi added as she put the rest of the cash back.

“I did indeed, but I was referring to this,” Nick said and pointed at the other two boot boxes and the paper all over the floor from where Bobbi was sitting. “What are you going to do about this?”

“Nothing. That’s what they get paid for. Besides, it’s a small price to pay for checking out my ass,” she said with a grin and wiggled her butt for him, before walking away.

Nick shook his head as he bent down to pick up the paper and toss it in the trashcan that was right by the chair. He fixed the boots so that the lids closed properly on each one, then put them back on the wall. He made sure they were faced the right way and in the correct number order. He straightened the chair then found Bobbi up front.

She was just handing over the cash for her purchase when he got there. The guy placed the change gently in Bobbi’s hand and put the receipt in the bag.

“Thank you, have a nice day,” he said cheerfully.

“You too,” Bobbi replied, taking her bag.

“All set?” Nick asked.

The sales guy walked away, this time even going so far as to avoid eye contact with him. Nick shrugged.

“Sure am. Everything back to the way it was Mr. Neat Freak?”

“Except for the empty spot you left, dirty girl.”

Bobbi laughed and hooked her arm under Nick’s as they walked out of the store together and back into the mall.

“I don’t think you want to see just how dirty I can be.”

“Certainly not in public,” Nick replied as a trio of mothers pushing strollers walked past them. It was the third such pack they’d seen since getting here. Must be some kind of club thing the mall did. Walk, talk, and shop.

Bobbi laughed again, this time louder. Nick wasn’t the least bit bothered by it either. He was just glad to see her laughing again.

It had been over a week since Bobbi had competed in a small kickboxing tournament in Vermont. It was a mixed competition, so the women could fight the men, so long as they signed a waiver. Only one other woman entered it but she was eliminated quickly in the first round.

Bobbi beat her first opponent easily with a beautiful spin kick to the face, which cost the guy a tooth. It was Bobbi’s second opponent that became the issue. And not in terms of skills as he was sorely lacking in those. The asshole knew this, having seen how well Bobbi did in her first round fight, so he did what any asshole would do. He cheated. A thumb to Bobbi’s eye when they squared off, left her with blurry vision. Next he swept her legs out from under her before driving his knee right into Bobbi’s head, causing a gash right above her eye. He was disqualified and seconds later, laying crippled by Nick who had come up from behind to take him out. It was one of the few times in recent memory where Nick had lost his self-control.

Carol, who had gone along with them, was already checking on Bobbi. They were able to stop the bleeding but Bobbi withdrew herself from the rest of the tournament and had a sudden urge to pack up and head home right then. Nick found it a bit odd but Bobbi said the whole thing triggered a migraine for her and didn’t want the noise, so they hit the road again. He made her ride up front with him, so she wouldn’t doze off on the trip home. They only stopped twice on the way back. Once for gas, and the second was to see a doctor friend of theirs who worked in the ER at Tufts Hospital in Boston, right down the road from their dojo. She patched Bobbi up good and made sure everything else was good with her, which it was, physically anyway. Emotionally however, was a completely different story.

Everyone saw Bobbi as the wild, fun, often times loud, bar hopping, life of the party, living like there was no tomorrow, type of girl. She also didn’t care if people had a problem that she liked girls just as much as she liked guys. She couldn’t control who she had feelings for and she wasn’t going to try just so others wouldn’t feel uncomfortable around her. To hell with them, she always said. Well, Bobbi usually used more colorful language when not around Nick.

What everyone didn’t see or know about, was the other side of Bobbi. The side where the bright flame had burned down most of the candle, except for this tiny little puddle that couldn’t hold the wick anymore. The flame was still there, but just barely, and it needed to be passed to a new candle quickly.

Nick had seen Bobbi at such a low point before. Back in the Summer of 2014, when her drinking and easy go lucky life style, had her attempt one of her bounty hunting gigs half-assed. She caught a bullet that time, not a knee to the head, and had it not been for Nick’s random intervention, many believe, Bobbi being at the top of that list, that she wouldn’t be here anymore.

Once she had recovered from her wound, Bobbi had vowed to turn things around in her life. Nick became her shoulder to lean on, the unmoving pillar of support she never got growing up with an alcoholic mother and a hitman for a father. Drinking every night became only on the weekends, to only every other weekend, to only once a month to cut loose.

Joining Nick’s mercenary team, Red Diamond, had given Bobbi the chance to become part of something. It had given her a family that looked out for one another.

Despite her turn around, Nick always sensed that there was still one skeleton that Bobbi kept locked away. One skeleton that she still wasn’t able to face. The one skeleton that started all of it for her.

Nick suspected it was this skeleton that prompted Bobbi to enter the Vermont Kickboxing tournament in the first place. She told him she just wanted to win some easy money and kick a little ass, since she didn’t get to take part in ‘The Miami Job’.

Nick didn’t argue with her about it. He figured when she was ready to talk about it, he would be there for her. He wasn’t going to go prying into her closet. He did however insist on going to the tournament with her. Carol offered to go as well, which made Bobbi happy.

The day after they got back from Vermont, Nick had to go take care of something and was gone for three days. When he finally got back, he found Bobbi had fallen back into her old habits. Apparently everyone else had things come up or were already committed to and it just so happened that Nick was the first person to stop by and see how she was doing. He knew just from the smell of her apartment when he walked into her place, that the answer was not good.

He found her curled up in her bed, various empty bottles laying around her. While most saw Nick as having the most patience on the team, he knew sometimes tough love was also the only answer. He took her out of the bed, despite her protests and dumped her in the tub, sweatpants and all, before spraying her with a cold shower. He gave her one more day to get over whatever pity party she was throwing for herself and then she better be ready to teach her kickboxing class the day after. The look she gave him wasn’t the most pleasant look he had ever received but she was there for her class.

That had been a few days ago, and now that Nick could see Bobbi trying to get out of her funk, he figured a morning of shopping at the Square One Mall in Saugus, MA, might be just the thing to get her fully back into the swing of things. And judging by their morning so far, he was inclined to believe it was working.

“So, where to next?” Nick asked as they walked slowly through the mall. They had already been passed, by at least a dozen mothers with strollers, since leaving the shoe store.

“Is it time for lunch yet?”

“Getting there. Why? Where do you want to eat?”

Bobbi unhooked her arm from him and walked backwards a few steps ahead of him.

“Hooters,” she said with a grin.

“I do enjoy me some wings.”

Bobbi stared at him.

“Yes,” he said.

“Oh, good,” Bobbi said while nodding.

She continued to walk in front of him, but backwards.

“Something else on your mind, Bobbi?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“Call it, years of experience. You either want something, or want to tell me something. Either way, you aren’t sure how to say it.”

Bobbi stopped walking and stared at her feet.

“What is it?”

No response. Nick exaggerated a sigh and lifted up her chin to look her in the face. The cut was healing nicely at least.

“It’s okay Bobbi, you can talk to me.”

She crinkled her nose and said, “Promise not to judge me?”

“Oh I think that ship set sail a long time ago,” Nick replied and chuckled.

Bobbi smacked him in the chest.

“It’s not nice to tease me,” she pouted. “Especially if I’m about to open up to you.”

Nick cleared his throat and said, “Okay, lets hear it.”

“Promise you’ll hear me out before you say no?”


Bobbi continued to pout.

“Sure. I’ll hear you out. Wait, why do you just assume I’ll say no?”

Bobbi ignored him and said, “Good. We need to go pick something up on the second floor,” Bobbi said and began to make her way for the escalators.

She continued at her current pace so that they could still talk as they walked. Nick remained silent, waiting for Bobbi to start.

“Sooo, you remember that girl Ainsley I told you about last month?”

Nick thought for a second and said, “Isn’t she the waitress at Hooters with-”

Bobbi interrupted him and said, “Huge boobs and tight little ass. Yes she is.”

“I was going to say with long dark hair and green eyes, but sure.”

Bobbi grinned.

“I may or may not have struck up a friendship with her.”

“I’m going to go with may,” Nick said quickly.

Bobbi laughed then said “Well, it turns out she likes riding motorcycles too and we’ve gone out for a few rides together these past few weeks when her shift gets over.”

“That sounds fun.”

“You’ve no idea,” Bobbi said with a wink. “Ainsley’s only been around here for six weeks. She moved up from Georgia.”

“Ah. That explains her cute accent.”

“I know right! I love the sound of her voice.”

Nick paused to step out of the way of another pack of mothers and strollers. He’d lost count as to how many he had seen now. Must be a popular mall club thing they got going on here.

“Just think, one day you could join their club,” he said with a grin as they got on the escalator.

“Yeah, this body, not made for stretch marks,” Bobbi replied and did a wave of her body with her hand.


“Can I continue my story?” She asked impatiently.

“Sorry. Go ahead.”

“Ainsley moved up here from Georgia to get away from her ex-husband.”

“How old is she?”


Nick looked at her before getting off the escalator.

“Don’t give me that look. Or do you want me to bring up Pixie?” Bobbi said smugly.

Pixie was the nickname Nick had given to one of the girls that worked at Alizarin, one of Boston’s top nightclubs. She was twenty-one. Supposedly.

“I have not, nor will I, try to sleep with her. I’m just being nice to her.”

Bobbi rolled her eyes and said, “Anyway, they were childhood sweethearts, quarterback, cheerleader, blah, blah, Cedar Cove type stuff.”

“Cedar what?”

Bobbi pointed a finger at him. “I said no judging.”

“I’m just trying to follow along. You found all this out about her from riding bikes together?”

“Well, we went for drinks afterwards. She loves the scorpion bowls from Tai’s Billiards. And we just clicked. She’s been staying at a friend’s place. They went to college together. Ainsely’s friend also helped her get the job at Hooters.”

“Well, I think two other factors also helped her get the job at Hooters.”

Bobbi nodded and said, “And let me tell you, those are some grade A, authentic, southern grown, Double D boobs.”

Nick just stared at her.

“She let me touch them last week. That there is second base. Winning,” Bobbi said with her biggest grin yet.

“And so now you want to hit a homerun?”

Bobbi licked her lips.

“Very much so.”

“What does anything of this have to do with me?”

“I’m getting to that part.”

“I’m starting to think you and Clarissa learn to tell stories from the same place.”

Bobbi stuck her tongue out at him. Clarissa Mendoza was another member of Red Diamond and was known for her looong stories. As a former US Army engineer, she also happened to be one of the smartest members of the team.

Nick rubbed his eyes before smiling at a mom walking by. She was pushing one of those double wide strollers with two kids. The mom didn’t smile back, or really even seem to be aware of her surroundings. It was like she had done this walk a dozen times today already and had just zoned out. The two kids appeared happy, which Nick guessed was the point. He looked back for Bobbi, not realizing she had stopped at the Xtreme Sports Shop.

“I just need to pick something up. It’s all paid for.”

“What is it?” Nick asked once Bobbi was done talking to the guy at the counter.

“I bought Ainsley a new helmet for her motorcycle. Had them to do a custom design using the color peach.”

“That seems… awful friendly of you.”

“Hers has a crack in it and she can’t afford a new one right now as she’s trying to save up for a place to live.”

“What happened to the college friend she was staying with?”

“Oh she’s still there but the girl’s gotten all weird on her since she saw us hanging out.”

“By which you mean, you touching Ainsley’s breasts.”

Bobbi shrugged. “Whatever. She was probably touching herself while watching us. I’m like a lumberjack.”

“In what way?” Nick asked in bewilderment.

“I always give people wood when they watch me fool around.”

“I don’t think…” Nick shook his head and just let that one go.

“Wait, maybe I should say I’m a lumberjill. Oh, side note, the girl is a bitch and none of the other girls at Hooters can stand her. She’s already given her two week notice.”

Nick wasn’t really sure what to say anymore at this point. Thankfully he didn’t have to as the guy came back with a box.

“Here you go miss.”

“Thank you,” Bobbi said and opened the box right there on the counter and started checking it over. The guy didn’t seem to mind as his eyes discovered that Bobbi’s panties weren’t the only thing purple she was wearing under her clothes.

“A Shoei helmet even. Not a cheap present for a friend,” Nick said and gave her a nudge in the ribs with his elbow. Bobbi ignored him and put it back. She thanked the guy, though Nick thought maybe it should be the other way around, and they walked out.

“Time for lunch,” she said cheerfully.

Nick stopped her and turned her around. He started checking over her face.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m beginning to think you did suffer from a concussion from that knee shot.”

“I’m fine.”

“Then stop changing the topic and just ask me this request of yours.”


“You know what, the answer is yes.”

“Yes for what?”

“You’re trying to ask me if Ainsley can use one of the spare apartments we have in the dojo building. That way she can get out of the weird bitchy college girl’s place. So the answer is yes. She can move in tonight if you want.”

Bobbi stared at him.


“Yep. It’s fine. We have tons of spares and that’s why we have them. To help friends in need.”

“That’s so awesome. Thanks Nick. I never thought of that,” Bobbi said and gave him half a hug. The bike helmet box was rather large.

“You’re welcome, wait what?”

“Yeah, that’s not what I was going to ask you. I wanted you to drive her husbands truck with Kat back to Georgia for her.”

Nick glared at her.

“You are exhausting today woman.”

They rode the escalator down in silence, Nick taking the helmet box for her.

“Ok, so in her rush to leave, Ainsley just took her husband’s truck and drove it up here to her friends, with her motorcycle and a few other things. He wants it back before he agrees to sign the divorce papers.”

“She’s still married?”

“No judging!”

Nick held his hands up in surrender. If only to speed things up so he could just get something to eat. And at this rate, drink.

“I mentioned something about this to Kat last night.”

“You were hanging out with Kat last night?”

“She asked me and the girls out for sushi.”

Katherine ‘Kat’ Takayama was a long time friend of Nick’s who came over from Japan to visit during the summer months. Only a few knew the extent of his and Kat’s real relationship. Bobbi was not one of them.

“I see.”

“Julie couldn’t go cause of work at the club. Carol hates going to most restaurants in general, plus sushi, so she was out. Which is weird cause didn’t she live in Japan when she was in the army?”

“Yes but it doesn’t mean you want to eat sushi…”

“Anyway, it just ended up being Kat and I hanging out. We bumped into Tia while there and she sat with us for a bit.”


“She bartends over at Tai’s Billiards. Too bad Julie missed it cause I think Tia gets her warm in all the right places. So I was telling Kat my plan.”

“Your plan about getting Ainsley’s husband’s truck back to him.”


Nick smiled as he thought he finally figured this all out.

“Well Kat offered to drive it all the way down to Georgia for me, on one condition.”


“She wanted me to ask you to go with her.”

Nick was quiet for a minute. If Kat agreed to help Bobbi, she must have an important reason to do so. Looks like he was going to Georgia.

They walked toward the mall exit. More moms and kids were flocking in. Maybe this mall had one of those Lego stores. Kids liked Legos didn’t they? He use to play Legos with Megan when they were kids. She always won as her ships had better defense systems and could recalibrate. She also knew bigger words than him.

“Just to be clear, you want to me drop everything I’m doing, to drive some jerk’s truck back to him in Georgia and return with divorced papers signed, just so you can look like the super bestest friend in the world and in the joys of celebration you’re hoping pie and ice cream sundaes are consumed without regard of appetite?”

Bobbi looked at Nick and replayed everything he just said in her head.

“If that means sex until we’re dripping wet, then yes. Wow. You make that sound so simple.”

Nick just stared at her in astonishment. She smiled sheepishly as they left the Square One Mall and walked through the parking lot.

“Has Ainsely even been with a girl before?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll definitely be her first woman,” Bobbi purred. “You think restraints are too much for the first time?”

“I’m going to go with, yes.”

Bobbi frowned for half a second then went back to smiling.

“You’ve failed to mention what exactly I get out of all this, if I do say yes.”

“Oh, trust me mister. You will be rewarded if I can pull this off.”

“By which you mean, if I can pull this off.”

“Well, yeah. I’d just rather not say in public what those rewards may or may not be. Moist is one of Megan’s No Words still, right?”

Nick nodded and said, “That good huh?”

“I may have touched myself this morning while thinking about a possible offer for you.”

“Hold up. My reward for doing all this, is something that you get to benefit from too? That doesn’t seem fair.”

Bobbi smirked and raised her eyebrows as he unlocked the door to the car. He put the helmet in the backseat and shut the door.

Nick was about to start the car when he watched three young guys in their mid twenties push three baby strollers toward the mall entrance. The tops were covered to give the babies some privacy. He glanced at Bobbi, who shrugged. They wore a mix of Nike shorts and basketball jerseys between them, and all had Jordans on. One guy was neatly shaved. The other two had partial grown beards. Each had a different shade of tan skin. Nick walked slowly over to the van they got out of.

“Hey, Bobbi,” Nick called over. She was just about to get into the car but stopped.

“Yes, Nick?”

“Do you remember the Woodfield Mall event on the news?”


Nick looked back at her. “Really?”

“I don’t watch the news. Sorry I’m not smart like Megan and Clarissa,” Bobbi said and faked a pout as she followed him toward the van.

“Yeah, yeah. Hot bi-sexual girl probs. Cry me a river.”

“What is this news thing you are asking me about?”

“Woodfield Mall is the largest shopping mall in Chicago. Back in 2014, six radicals, with ties to the terrorist group ISIS, stormed the mall and killed over a dozen people.”

“Oh yeah. I do remember that. The police never even got a chance to get there to help out right?”

“Correct. The six radicals were all killed by an off duty cop and several other American citizens with conceal carry permits. It was the first time everyone agreed that those people saved dozens, if not hundreds of lives that day,” Nick said and peered into the van.

“What makes you bring this up now?” Bobbi asked.

Nick stepped away from the van and looked at the mall. The guys were almost at the entrance.

Nick pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. “I think I just found away you can thank me for going to Georgia for you.”

Bobbi looked into the van and saw a flag hanging inside.

“Isn’t that-”

“An ISIS flag? Sure is.”

Bobbi looked back at the mall. The mall they had just spent an hour in. The mall that was filled with mothers and their children in strollers.

“We’re going to go stop them right?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Let me grab my gun,” Bobbi and started back to the car.

“No, we take them out silently,” Nick said. “Don’t want to spook the kids. The FBI can question them when they wake up from the beating we’re about to give them.”

“Hello?” A voice said after four rings.

“Megan it’s Nick. Bobbi and I need a complete surveillance blackout at the Square One Mall. We’re going in hot.”

“Understood. Do you need backup?”

“No time. We got this.”

“Don’t be a hero Nick,” Megan said.

He could hear her hacking her way into the malls systems now. He didn’t need his and Bobbi’s identity all over the news and internet.

“Me, a hero? Never. I’m just a simple mercenary the world thinks is dead and I want it to stay that way.”

“Okay. You’re good. I blacked out all cameras in the mall and in a one mile radius outside it. Just make it quick.”

“Will do. Thanks.”

He put his phone away and took off jogging toward the mall with Bobbi beside him.

“How should we approach them?” Bobbi asked.

“We can ask them if they have time to talk about our Lord and Savior Cthulhu.”

Bobbi just stared at him. Nick shrugged.

“I heard Wade say it to Megan and Clarissa last week. They both laughed.”

Bobbi pouted again then said, “Have I ever told you how much I love our shopping trips together?”

“Yes you have. Now lets go get us some ISIS scalps!”

“Ooh that’s a play on that Brad Pitt movie!”

Nick just smiled at her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. He opened the mall door and back in they went.


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August 6

The Corsairs

“So then I said, that was the shark, mate!”

A roar of laughs went up around the bar as a half-dozen off duty Marines enjoyed the joke by one Trevor Fritz.

A former Australian SAS, Trevor had been putting his considerable skills to use as a mercenary and a pirate for many years now. Those in the know, knew he wasn’t someone to pick a fight with, as his talents were right up there with some of the best in the business today.

The off duty Marines didn’t know who he really was. They suspected him to be some sort of private contractor looking to be buddy buddy with them so as to sign them up with whatever company he was representing. Seeing as how none of them were older than twenty-two, that wouldn’t be happening for awhile. They were however, more than happy to drink the beers Trevor was paying for and to laugh at his jokes, which were in fact, hilarious.

None of this bothered Trevor in the least. In fact, he much preferred for these young Marines to view him as some old washed up headhunter, for if his real identity were to become known, he might just have to put a bullet in these kid’s heads or break out his old English style bowie knife with a walnut handle. The ten inch blade had claimed many an opponents life over the years.

He really hoped it didn’t come to that, for while he enjoyed a good fight as much as anyone and could be the most ruthless bastard you’ve ever met, Trevor tried not to kill just for the sake of killing. He was a firm believer in a code of honor and respect between fellow mercenaries and rivals. That code was the main reason he hadn’t yet killed one Clive O’Connor,

O’Connor was a former British SAS, giving him and Trevor something of a thing in common. That would be the extent of that though, as Trevor was a more in your face kind of fighter, while O’Connor was an expert marksman, who chooses to use a bow and arrow as his primary weapon.

Trevor remembered mocking him on their first encounter, until he watched two of his hired hands in full body armor dropped from a single arrow each. Their Kevlar being no match for the razor sharp arrows. Now Trevor just saw him as a talented, but cocky ladies man, who needed to be smacked down every few months when he gets in his way while on a job. He’d be lying if he didn’t admit to having a scar or two from that SOB and his arrows.

“All right mates. Next round is on me, so long as you’re drinking a Foster’s,” Trevor bellowed throughout the bar. More laughs went up around the place and Trevor peeled off several hundred dollar bills and handed them to the bartender.

“Can I get three Foster’s for me and have one of your cute girls bring over a couple pitchers of beer.”

“Yes sir.”

“I’m also going to need a dozen house burgers and a dozen steaks.”

“Um, sure,” the bartender replied.

Trevor peeled off several more hundreds and put them on the counter. “All cooked medium,”

The bartender picked up the hundreds and said, “You got it.”

Trevor smiled then looked at his nails while he waited for his beers. He was in serious need of a long hot bath and maybe even a massage while he was at it. They were in paradise after all. Might as well enjoy it.

“Here you go sir.”

“Thank you mate.”

Trevor took his three bottles of Foster’s back to his team’s area of the bar. They had just come off a big payday from hijacking a Saudi freighter and with a huge job on the horizon, Trevor thought his team, The Corsairs, deserved a vacation. They had set sail for Hawaii and arrived a few hours ago in Waikiki on Oahu island.

“Yeah, I’m not drinking that crap,” Cooper said as Trevor sat down at one of the four tables they had joined together.

“Well, good thing none of them are for you mate,” Trevor replied before twisting the cap off one and drinking half of it in one long sip.

Cooper was a former paratrooper from the 82nd Airborne Division and was usually the first one on the ships they hijacked to clear a path for everyone else. His skills in close quarter combat were amongst the best on the team and he brought a lot to The Corsairs. Unfortunately he also liked to talk a lot and was always chasing skirts.

Cooper thought Trevor picked Waikiki because it had the best surfing and Cooper loved to surf. Trevor was all for his guys having hobbies but he didn’t care enough about

Copper’s interest to let that decide his vacation spot. He picked Oahu island and Waikiki specifically because it was home to this bar.

The bar’s name, Ho’okomo Koa, roughly translated to ‘come in soldier’ and it was right on the beach, offering a 180 degree view of the ocean. Trevor still remembered when he helped the original owner build it, a long time ago, in what was a different lifetime. Back when he’d have been considered one of the good guys.

“So was there a point in you making friends with the jarheads over there?”

Trevor looked over at the other person sitting next to Cooper, Jean-Paul LeDuc, a French-Canadian mercenary who was just as seasoned as Trevor and served as his unofficial third-in-command. Jean-Paul was a heavyset guy in his early forties and despite having only a stump where his left hand should be, he was not one to piss off. He had barked orders in combat to hundreds of men throughout his career and they had all done as he said. The fact that most of them were dead was less a problem with his orders and more the lack of skill in those men following said orders. Or at least that’s what Jean-Paul told everyone.

Over the years of working with him, Trevor had learned bits and pieces of the story of how Jean-Paul lost his hand to rival mercenaries on a mission years ago. Crazy psychopaths was how Jean-Paul always described them.

“Just enjoying my shore leave mate. Nothing wrong with making friends.”

Jean-Paul remained silent.

“Oh relax mate. They have no clue who we are.”

“Let’s hope that theory holds up,” Jean-Paul replied just as four more members of The Corsairs walked into the bar.

The heaviest member of The Corsairs by far was their engineer. A rather slothful Czechoslovakian name Nemec The Butcher. He had a full black beard was that as unkempt as his greasy, frizzy hair. If odor was considered to be the deciding factor as to who was the most pirate-like, then Nemec won that hands down. Only the mercenary Eddie Finch had ever come close to smelling as bad as him, but with Finch it was straight up BO as oppose to Nemec’s swamp ass stank.

Fortunately for Nemec he happened to not only be an excellent mechanic but could speak and read several languages including Russian, English, Mandarin and Arabic. The latter two being very useful when taking over one of their ships and everything is in their language.

His nickname came from the butcher knife he always carried on himself. Even though he was the least trained in combat among The Corsairs, primarily because he sat on his ass all day when they weren’t on a job, it still didn’t make him any less dangerous. He had raked up quite a body count with said butcher knife. After some members of The Corsairs found out that Nemec would also use it when making dinner, he was promptly taken off the boat’s cooking rotation schedule. Something Trevor figured was part of Nemec’s plan all along. He much preferred to eat then cook.

Behind Nemec was Riggs, perhaps the creepiest member of The Corsairs, which was saying something in it’s self. Trevor still wasn’t sure if that was a first name, last name, or nickname. Jean-Paul had worked with him years ago doing various illegal jobs during Hurricane Katrina. He to sported a beard, but unlike Nemec’s, Riggs kept it mostly well-trimmed and years in the sun had given his white skin a permanent tan.

Several things combined together are what gave Riggs his creepy factor. The most obvious was his long brown hair that he put into thick dreadlocks. Next was his lack of talking. And when he did, it was mostly in grunts. His eyes were next. Trevor had stared down many a men in his lifetime and Riggs’s eyes were the look of a stone cold killer. Despite not having any military training, Riggs made up for that by being a vicious killer. The rest of the team put up with him because he cared the least about money. So long as he was kept well fed and given first pick of the women, he was content, which meant larger shares for everyone else.

Walking beside Riggs, was the big guy of the team, the Samoan, Maru Sefa. Riggs was no slouch at 6’4 but Maru beat him by being 6’5. Maru had long jet black hair that always looked wet and was a beast when it came to strength and muscle, sporting the biggest arms on the team. This strength also allowed him to bring the heavy firepower. His aim with an RPG-7 had become almost legendary, no small feat considering the RPG’s lack of guidance system. Depending on the job, Maru had been known to carry five more rockets on his back, this was in addition to the M249 SAW machine gun he used to sweep aside any armed resistance.

Should one manage to survive all this firepower and get into hand to hand with Maru, they then had to contend with his brute strength. Trevor had seen first hand the Samoan charge and smash guys right through walls. Seeing the sight of his own blood only served to fire the big guy up even more and the fight usually ended shortly there after.

Being one of the younger members of The Corsairs at the age of twenty-eight, Maru hadn’t yet been jaded by the years of the business and had no problem kicking back to enjoy a beer and a half dozen burgers when not on the job. He was a good kid and Trevor saw a bright future for him.

Bringing up the rear was the shortest member of The Corsairs, Chet. It wasn’t his real name but rather the Thai word for ‘brother’. Years ago on a mercenary gig in Thailand, Trevor had been double-crossed by his employer and half the guys he was working with were killed while the other half tried their best to kill him. Had it not been for the help of Chet, an underground cage fighter betrayed by the same employer, those mercs would have succeed in killing Trevor. Working together, they both got their revenge on the backstabbing business man. Chet beat the guy to death with his bare hands while Trevor was able to transfer more than half of the guys available wealth to an off shore bank account in his name. The rest was land and companies the guy owned or had shares in. Trevor was able to use those as chips at the bargaining table down the road for other services. From that day on, Chet had been by his side and when Trevor formed The Corsairs as a permanent team, Chet became his 2nd in command.

When it came to straight hand to hand fighting, Chet was one of the best Trevor had ever seen. Even before they had met, Chet was reining champ at the underground area he fought at. It didn’t matter if it was his fist, elbow, foot, knee, or head, every part of him was a deadly weapon. Combine that with the firearms training Trevor and Cooper had given him and Chet had become the hunter of the team. Once Cooper had cleared a spot of them, Chet was up next and took off with lighting speed to take out the engineer first, to secure the boat, then went hunting for the Captain of the ship.

“Excuse me, sir,”

Trevor looked over his shoulder to see a cute waitress holding the two pitchers of beer. She was tiny thing, and looked to be struggling to hold both pitchers at the same time.

“Just set them right here. In fact you better get four more,” Trevor said and peeled off two hundreds.

“Keep the change,” he said as his right hand ran across the red bikini bottom she wore.

“Thank you very much sir,” she said and backed away once Trevor removed his hand.

“Now that is a firm ass,” Trevor said with a laugh and opened his second beer.

“Little young for my taste,” Cooper said and finished his Sam Adams beer.

“You already order the food?” Maru asked as he sat on the same side as Trevor, but at the next table down.

“That I did mate. Trust me when I say you’ll love the house burgers.”

“Where are Kaheem and Raheem?” Jean-Paul asked as he sent one pitcher of beer down to Nemec, who sat at the last table alone.

Kaheem and Raheem, aka the Machete Boys, were two young South African mercenaries that Trevor had been given as payment for a job he did earlier in the year. They earned even less of a share of money than Riggs, as they were still learning the in and outs of the business. The goal being that by next year they would be able to head back home and create a splinter group of The Corsairs and give tithe to Trevor. They got their nickname because of the machetes they always carried and because they came from a family of actual headhunters.

Trevor didn’t see the point of chopping a guy’s head off but in reality what difference did it make if you shot a guy or cut his head off. Either way the guy was dead.

“They both said they weren’t hungry and were going for a walk,” Chet said and reached for a handful of peanuts out of a bowl on his table. He was across from Maru. Riggs sat next to him but at the third table.

“Their loss,” was all Trevor said and took another sip of his beer.

The waitress came back and put a pitcher of beer in front of Maru and Rex without making eye contact. She came right back with the last two and put one on Chet’s table then the last one back by Trevor.

“Your food will be out in a few more minutes. Can I get you anything else sir?”

“Well I suppose that depends on what else you are offering?” Trevor said, his eyes looking at her ass.

“Um…” she started, her face turning red.

“I’m just playing dear. We’re fine for now. Thank you.”

She nodded and turned to leave, getting a smack on the ass from Trevor as she did.

“I thought you were Asian girls only?” Cooper asked.

“Nothing wrong with mixing it up a little mate. Beside I’m a sucker for cute, tight little asses.”

“Speaking of that. Wow,” Cooper said his gaze looking at the entrance of Ho’okomo Koa, just as a girl walked in.

“Meh, her tits are too small,” Jean-Paul was quick to say.

“You’re fucking retarded,” Cooper replied just as quickly. “That’s the surfer girl I saw when we were walking the beach on the way here. She is fucking hot.”

“Then why are you still sitting here with us mate? Go get yourself some pussy.”

Cooper looked at Trevor and nodded before getting up. He passed several waitresses that were bringing their food.

“I call dibs on his burger,” Maru said as he picked up one of the house burgers. It had all the fixings of a normal burger and was topped with pulled pork and a special sauce. He took one bite, which was followed quickly by a second.

“This is fantastic,” he said, his mouth full of a third bite.

“I told ya. Always trust me mate,” Trevor said with a grin, as he opened his third beer then cut into his steak.

He had a feeling this was going to be an excellent little vacation.



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July 24

What is The Merc Series?

In my debut novel, Red Diamond, the foundation is laid for a world filled with mercenaries, assassins, spies, arms dealers, patriots, corporations, corrupt politicians, and powerful schemers. Red Diamond introduces us to Nick Walker and his mercenary team. A prodigy at what he does, Nick plays a big role in The Merc Series, but his is not the only story to tell. There is no vacuum in The Merc Series, characters move in and out of the picture, their actions, whether known or not, have effects on others. Sometimes that creates conflicts between rival mercenaries or assassins and resolving those conflicts is what The Merc Series sets out to show. This blog is to be the home where you can read about some of those conflicts and also get more insight into the world and characters that populate The Merc Series. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out www.themercseries.com to learn more about the setting and backgrounds of some of the characters.


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July 24

Hallway Hook Up


The following is rated M for Mature. Adult Content.


“Explain to me why you choose to live on the fifth floor again?” Twenty-nine-year-old Michelle Trilling asked as she stopped at the door to the fourth floor.

It was the first floor she had seen with any lights on. She could hear TV blaring and someone bellow ‘touchdown’ even though the hall door was closed and none of the apartment doors were open.

“It’s good exercise,” her date replied.

Michelle knew him as Nick Summers, a laid-back martial arts instructor who failed to become a US Army Ranger. His real name was in fact Nick Walker, and his real occupation is that of a mercenary. He’s considered to be a prodigy when it comes to killing. He was thought to have been killed years ago by the same assassins that had killed his mercenary parents.

Michelle knew none of this, but was smart enough to know he has secrets and was most likely using an alias. Especially after seeing him fight on several occasions.

The only daughter of a former US Navy Admiral, Michelle had been trained by former Navy SEALs and she knew good fighting skills when she saw them and Nick’s weren’t good, they were great.

Despite the secrets, Michelle couldn’t deny one simple fact. She was falling for him. They had met this past summer and became friends. Only in the last couple months though did they start seeing each other. And then only in a causal sense. Neither was exclusive to the other. She was due to fly out for Hawaii in two days to spend Thanksgiving at home and Nick had offered to take her out one more time before she had to leave.

“All that dancing and bull riding wasn’t enough for you?” Michelle asked as she walked past Nick, who held the door to the fifth floor open for her.

Michelle stepped into the hallway, the wooden floor creaking even under her petite frame. Had she been paying attention she would have notice that Nick made no noise behind her as he walked.

“The dancing was fantastic. Especially when you’re wearing these,” Nick whispered into her ear from behind while his hand ran across her butt and the black leather pants she wore.

“Oh, you like that do you?” Michelle said over her shoulder.

“I do. You know what I would like to know though?”

“What?” Michelle asked and backed up against the wall right next to the door to Nick’s apartment.

Nick stood in front of her, his hand on the wall by her left ear. Even with the 3inch heels on her black leather ankle boots to boost her 5’4 height, Nick still stood a good six inches over.

“How’d you stay on the bull so long?”

“I’m a half-Hawaiian surfer girl remember? It’s all about balance.”

“So want you’re saying is, you’re a hard girl to buck off.”

“Maybe. You think you can buck me off?”

“I don’t know. I could try,” he said and ran his hand through her long dark hair. It was still a bit damp from sweat. It was fairly warm for November and the place had their heat on high.

“You could, could you?”

“Lets say I did. Would you tell were you learned to sing like that?” Nick asked referring to the karaoke clinic Michelle had put on. She had brought the place to a standing ovation after her performance of ‘I Hope It Rains’

“Why do you want to know that?” Michelle asked curiously.

“I didn’t know you could sing. And sing amazingly at that.”

Michelle blushed a bit. “There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me,” she said slyly.

“Oh? The Admiral’s little girl has secrets does she?” Nick joked and went in for a kiss. Michelle moved and Nick got her neck instead.

“Oh yeah. Lots of secrets, but you’ll never get any of them out of me.”

Nick kissed on her neck and said, “Is that a fact?”

“You’re welcome to try, if you want.” Michelle teased.

“I just may,” he replied and began working his way around her neck. Michelle’s body all a tingle as he did.

It was then that his phone buzzed.

“That’s like the sixth time since we left The Roadhouse,” Michelle said with a pout.

“I know. I’m sorry. I thought I could ignore it. Let me just take care of this real quick.”

Nick pulled his cell out of his jeans. The red button shirt he wore, coming untucked when he did.

He took a few steps away from her and turned his back to look at the phone. Michelle watched as he replied to a text. A smile slowly spreading across her face as she slipped off her leather jacket. She stood there, up against the wall, in her black leather pants and a small royal blue t-shirt that left her midriff exposed.

Nick turned back around, his phone held up for her to see he had shut it off.

“No more interruptions, I promise.”

Michelle smiled coyly at him. Nick walked back over to her. He was about to speak when she held up two fingers to his lips. She pressed gently against them and he opened his mouth for her to slide them in.

He could taste her on them.

She looked up at him, into his big blue eyes. Her brown eyes wide, her face unable to hide the vulnerability she had just put herself in, as she waited nervously for his reaction.

Fortunately he didn’t disappoint, as he cleaned them off.

Michelle pulled them out and slid them back down inside the black leather pants, down the small black thong she wore. She continued on until they were back inside her. Nick watched as her hand went to work. She smiled at him, her free hand touching the side of his smooth face before clawing at his button shirt. Seconds later it was on the floor, on top of her discarded jacket.

He watched her lick her lips reflectively as she touched his muscular chest. Her hand stroked his six-pack before he moved in closer to her and kissed her on the cheek. His strong hands slid under her t-shirt and took control of her tiny waist, his thumbs stroking her midriff.

Michelle pulled her fingers back out and this time his mouth was open and ready for them. Her eyes flickered in enjoyment as he sucked them clean and gave her a smile as he did. The whole time his hands still moving around her waist and lower back area.

She smiled and back down her pants went her hand. Nick began kissing on her neck again. Rotating between both sides, his left hand finally coming off her back and getting to her right breast.

Her nipples harden in anticipation. She let out a moan as his fingers stroked her nipple through the lacy material that made up her bra. He repeated the technique to her left breast, getting another moan from her. He removed her breast from the cup of her lacy black bra and gave it a squeeze.

She closed her eyes, savoring the feel of his hand on her. She started to remove her fingers again but found them trapped inside her. She opened her eyes and found Nick even closer, his hand no longer on her breast but now inside her pants, inside her thong, and on her pussy.

He kept his hand on top of hers. She stared at him and he nodded. She started to finger herself with faster strokes, Nick’s hand serving to only guide her as she pleasured herself.

He raised her shirt with his free hand and Michelle tucked it under her chin to keep if from falling down. His mouth found her exposed breast and began kissing it slowly, his tongue flicking across her hard nipple on each pass.

He had just affixed his mouth to it when he could hear and feel her breathing pick up and the moans escaping her lips. Her hand worked faster under his until she stopped suddenly. He held her in place with his as she climaxed, feeling her body pulse in ecstasy.

Nick pulled back his mouth as Michelle gasped for breath. She looked up at him, her brown eyes filled with a sudden glazed look to them.

He pulled out his hand then kneeled down in front of her. He unzipped her boots first, pulling them off slowly as she tried to catch her breath. Her pants were next, sliding them slowly down her well developed legs, honed by years of swimming and surfing. The black thong was next to go.

Her hand was the only thing that remained.

Michelle spread her legs apart a bit more before taking her hand off her pussy and giving him a good look at the results of last weeks Brazilian.

“You like that,” she breathed and trailed a finger down her pussy then touched herself again, letting each finger get wet before holding her whole hand out for him.

He slowly cleaned off each finger, savoring the taste of her in his mouth.

“It’s very nice. You up for some more?”

“It’ll take more than that for me to talk,” she said even as he could see her quiver in anticipation for what would come next.

“Okay then.”

Nick stood up and spun her around, pressing her up against the wall. He reached up and unhooked her bra on the first try and tossed it onto the hallway floor.

“Forgetting something?” Michelle teased as his right hand went under her t-shirt and groped her breasts from behind.

“You can keep that for a little longer,” he whispered into her ear as his hand worked across both her breasts, his finger tips brushing across her still hard but sensitive nipples, before giving them each a pull at the same time.

Michelle moaned in enjoyment as he played with her breasts. The strong hands that held her not minutes ago now as soft as can be.

Michelle was so caught up in his caressing that she hadn’t noticed Nick’s left hand had been working down her back, down her waist, down her crack, where he slipped two fingers into her pussy from behind. She let out a loud moan as they found her clit instantly and went to work.

Nick removed his hand from Michelle’s breasts and she flatted out against the wall, her ass sticking out as Nick continued to stroke her from behind with one hand while the other stayed on her waist.

Michelle didn’t stay that way for long.

“Ahhh!” She moaned as she came again, this time in Nick’s hand.

“Stop,” she managed to gasp.

Nick did and wiped his soaked hand on the side of his jeans before opening the door to his place. Michelle eyed him helplessly as he undid his jeans and kicked them off into the hallway before scooping her up into his arms like she was nothing and carried her to his bedroom.

He laid her on the end of his bed and finally removed her shirt. Even this time of year her body had a nice natural tan to it. He backed up to remove his black boxer briefs and pointed at the nightstand. Michelle smiled and shook her head before rolling and crawled on all fours toward a pillow.

She didn’t get far as Nick was quickly on the bed. She gasped as she felt him penetrate her from behind, her pussy too wet to offer any real resistance to him and he started thrusting.

“Ahhh,” she moaned.

Michelle didn’t stop moaning. She got louder with each thrust. When she started to slump forward, Nick slid out of her. He took hold of her hair and gently pulled her toward his face.

“Ready to talk now?” he teased.

“That the best you got,” she somehow managed to gasp.

Nick let go of her hair and Michelle collapsed face down into a pillow. He moved back behind her and lifted her ass up back up with no trouble. Her body was his to do with as he pleased now. He slid back into her pussy easily. And went to work on her. Pushing deeper into her with each thrust.

Michelle grabbed the sheets with each hand, her moans muffled by the pillow. Nick gave her several more deep penetrating thrusts, holding the last one in a bit as he squeezed her firm petite ass with both hands.

He pulled out, soaked in her juices, his load unspent. His erection was still holding but it didn’t matter at this point as Michelle was too wet and too exhausted to try any other position.

He moved back up toward her. Michelle let out several deep breathes and turned her head to look at him.

“So, what was it you wanted to know…” she said and closed her eyes.

Nick smiled and pulled the sheet up to cover her.

He walked naked to the hallway to gather their clothes. One of the benefits of secretly owning the whole building was he didn’t have to worry about random people being about.

He powered on his phone. He had gotten another four texts since shutting it off. Only one needed an immediate response.

He looked back into his bedroom. Michelle remained in the same spot. He wanted to be able to crawl in bed next to her and listen to her breathe. To trail his finger across her gorgeous naked body.

But he couldn’t.

He replied to the text.

Nick wrote a note for Michelle to find in the morning, wishing her a safe trip and a Happy Thanksgiving among other things.

He went to the bathroom to grab a quick shower before he had to head out for a job. A man needed killing and he was being sent as the executioner.

No rest for the wicked he thought just as the hot water came down onto his scarred muscular naked body.




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July 24

Finding Trevor


(Starring Bobbi Jordan and Julie Taylor)

The following short story takes place after the events of Chapter 101 of  RED DIAMOND, on sale here,  http://my.bookbaby.com/book/red-diamond



Bobbi parked her red Ford Mustang right in front of the dojo. She was tempted to just leave it running but given the way her day was going… she slid the keys into her pocket and went into the gym side of the building.

“Woah! Looks like we got a badass over here,” Julie said as soon as she saw Bobbi walk in.

After Nick left with Carol and the others, Bobbi took a quick shower to clean up. She spent the last ten seconds of it under ice cold water trying to snap out of her funk. Between that and the six Advil she popped it had worked to a degree.

She still felt like shit though. Which was one of the main reasons she was wearing her purple camo tactical pants. They offered her the room to move around comfortably. Her shirt was a bit more form fitting in that it was an Under Armour Women’s Tactical Heat Gear Compression T-Shirt. Despite it’s long name, Bobbi enjoyed it because of it’s signature moisture transport system, which wicks away the sweat to keep the wearer dry. And given the amount of sweating Bobbi had been doing lately, she needed all the help she could get.

“Okay first of all, you’re wearing the same shirt as me. Second, you have on black yoga pants with pink camo around the waist, soo…”

“Exactly. Have you not seen how amazing my ass looks in these?” Julie grinned and turned to wiggle her butt in front of Bobbi.

Bobbi frowned but tried to fake a smile for Julie’s sake, but it was too little too late.

“Wow, never mind.”

“It’s not like that…” Bobbi started to say and reached out to touch her.

Julie turned back around and held up her hand and said, “Nope, you had your chance.”

Bobbi pouted.

Julie crossed her arms and shook her head. Bobbi did look unusually pathetic today though.

“What’s your problem now?” Julie finally said.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”


“Nick took Carol out on a mission and left me at the house,” she blurted out.

“I thought it was already established that if you’re PMSing you stay on the bus.”

“What, I’m not…”

Julie stared at her incredulously.

“Really. You want to rethink the bullshit that’s about to come out of your mouth?”

Bobbi scowled. Julie pointed at the purple camo pants than at her pants. Bobbi gave her the finger.

“So anyway,” Julie started. “Did I miss the part where Nick sent you down here to do a job for him?”

“No. It’s just not fair that Carol gets to go is all.”

Julie remained silent, not about to feed into whatever was going on in Bobbi’s head.

“So I’ve come up with a short list to help us,” Julie said after several seconds of uncomfortable silence.

“A list for what?”

“We’re suppose to find out where this Trevor guy is hold up at right?”

“Oh, yeah,” Bobbi half mumbled.

“Well if we need to know where Asian hookers are being sent to, we got a few options. Would you care to hear them or am I just wasting my breath?” Julie asked after Bobbi started starring toward the back of the gym, where the locker rooms were.

Bobbi turned back to look at Julie and said, “Sorry, go ahead.”

“Well the obvious choice is Lu Chenghu. If there was anyone who would know it would be him.”

“Yeah because he’s the party animal of the three Chenghu brothers. But I doubt we can get a meet with him at this time of day.”

“True. He’s probably still sleeping and that means going through Cong Li first.”

Bobbi made a face and shook her head. Cong Li was the head muscle for the Chenghu brothers and by muscle they meant muscle. The guy was jacked to begin with but as an Asian, he might as well have been The Hulk.

“Yeah. I don’t think that would go well for us. Which means we could go see Tai.”

“Ugg, not in my condition,” Bobbi was quick to reply.

Tai was Cong’s second-in-command of security for the Chenghu brothers and he was a fast bastard. Not to mention an expert at several martial arts. The last time Bobbi had gotten into a fight with him, she got a spin kick to the face for her troubles. She had that mark for a whole week. And that was going up against him when she didn’t feel like a sack of crap. She didn’t even want to guess the marks she’d get now.

“You know, I’m beginning to question my role as Nick’s number one ass kicker,” Bobbi said and tried to laugh but it came out more like a whimper.

“Tell me about it. When did you become such a pus-”

“Wait I know!” Bobbi exclaimed.

“Huh, what?”

“Hold up, were you about to call me a pus-”

“Tell me your idea.”

Bobbi gave her a look while pointing her finger at her and said, “Ping.”

“Ping?” Julie asked.

“Ping,” Bobbi repeated.

“Ping,” Julie said with a smile and nodded.

“My car or yours?” Bobbi asked.

“Yours is already parked in the front,” Julie said with a grin.

“Fine. Go warm it up again. I’ll be right there,” Bobbi said and tossed her keys to her.

Julie stared at her for a second then shrugged and went outside while Bobbi headed for the locker room. She needed something out of her locker before she went and did this.




Tai’s Billiards was located at the corner of Hancock Street and Bass Street in Quincy, MA, ten miles south of Chinatown in Boston MA. Over the last few years, Quincy has turned into a sort of satellite Chinatown, what with the rapid influx of Hokkien-speaking immigrants from the Chinese province of Fujian. Located on the southeast coast of Mainland China, Fujian was more or less across from Taiwan.

The fact that a lot of these immigrants had also served time in China’s Navy, The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), had clearly been lost on those in the US Immigration Services.

A few years ago, Tai Xu had won an underground fighting tournament bringing great honor to the Chenghu family. For this he was given his choice of a reward. Besides being an excellent martial artist, Tai also loved playing pool and ping pong, so he asked to have a small bar opened up with that for its theme. His reward was granted. Jin Chenghu, the head of the Chenghu family gave him the keys to his new place personally.

The place itself had been really well done. Large glass front windows with a double door entrance. On the left was a small lounge area of three black leather couches in a U shape with glass coffee table. The bar was next, it wasn’t a huge bar, seating less than a dozen total, but they were known to carry a nice assortment of drinks, the best being their scorpion bowls, something that had become an unexpected hallmark of theirs, thanks in no small part to one of their bartenders. The restrooms were located past the bar. Three ping pong tables took up the center of the place. On the right side were the seven, high quality, pool tables that gave the place its name. Running along the whole right side of the wall were tall pub tables allowing seating for friends to enjoy a drink while watching or waiting for a game.

Even after the place was open for business and people were all a glow with rave reviews of its look and quality, what really got more than a few people whispering was that his bar opened in Quincy, not in Boston, the center of where things went down. This got people to speculate that even when you earned something, Jin would find away to keep you in your place. This of course was no where near the truth, though Jin didn’t mind it if that kept people fearful of her.

The truth behind the location was a simple matter of seeing the bigger picture, of thinking multiple moves ahead of your opponent. When Tai’s Billiards had opened a few years ago, it was believed to be in the middle of nowhere, outside of any action or important place value. But now, with the influx of said former members of PLAN, it was one of the most popular hangout spots around, especially in Quincy.

While Tai’s work for the Chenghu brothers kept him out of his bar most of the time, a small price to pay for the several promotions he’s earned over the last year and a half, it didn’t stop him from running various pool tournaments and competitions at his place. The bar making a fair amount of money in liquor sales and gambling on said tournaments. It’s real value to the Chenghu family though was when Lu Chenghu decided to use it as one of his enclaves for his mid-card girls.

Lu’s mid-card girls were far superior to those found hanging out on the corners in Chinatown late at night, not to mention cleaner, but weren’t yet good enough for the high rollers or the types of girls found at Alizarin. They usually worked at street races, car shows, fights, or parties. Now it wasn’t uncommon to see a dozen or more attractive girls lounging around Tai’s Billiards at night while waiting for assignments. Tai himself had even taken a half dozen under his wing to teach them pool, so as to flirt with customers there. Getting them to stay for an extra game or two, and an extra three or four drinks even.

With Tai’s Billiards serving as a legit business for the Chenghu family, Tai tried his best to keep some of the shadier stuff that Seng Chenghu, the eldest of the Chenghu brothers, dealt in away from his place. Hot girls in leather pants and short shirts playing pool was a lot easier to explain than drugs or cases of stolen shipments in the back storage area.

And while fights had been known to break out here or there when too much alcohol was consumed on the weekend, they were generally short and resulted in little more than a broken glass or two. It was a record Tai liked to boast about knowing that people were too scared of him to do anything too stupid in his place of business.

That record was about to be severely tested tonight though.




Ping played with the pretzel stick in his mouth like it was a toothpick. When it snapped, he reached for another one out of the bowl on the bar. His eyes darting between the three flat screen TVs behind the bar and the mirror that showed the guys playing two games of pool behind him. He made it a point to have his eyes anywhere but where the bartender was.

Tonight’s bartender, one Tia Lien, was used to Ping by now, as he was a regular at Tai’s Billiards. A skinny, dark haired nervous kid in his early twenties, Ping was never seen without wearing something green and couldn’t go for more than a few minutes without having to scratch behind one of his ears. Tia had never found out a real reason for it other than it must be some sort of tick for the kid, cause he was always well groomed and had good hygiene. Seeing as how Ping worked for Lu Chunghu, those two things were more of a requirement than a suggestion.

Ping considered himself to be a specialist when it came to the delivery of specialized items to his superiors. In reality he was an errand running gofer, pure and simple. He was in charge of making sure Lu’s mid-card girls had coffee, alcohol, snacks, meals, specific lingerie or toys needed for clients. Basically anything to keep the girls happy and in good condition for clients.

Because of his tick and general weirdness, Ping tried to stay out of Boston and Chinatown specifically as he was usually picked on there by the bigger fish. But here in Quincy he was held in a bit more of a high regard. He even had a couple of guys watching out for him here as they had come to recognized that Ping could hook them up with some fine ass and at a discounted rated too.

Tia didn’t doubt that as the main reason for Ping to avoid Boston, but she did suspect that Ping liked to hang out here because of her. With a mix of Chinese and Vietnamese heritage, Tia has long dark hair, long arms, long legs and got as many compliments on her breasts as she did her ass. She had spent several years working as a model while going to college for accounting. She could make a kick ass scorpion bowl, among other things, and has been driving in a lot of new traffic with them as the word got out around the area just how good they were. She didn’t work every night at Tai’s Billiards but when she did, the place was always hoping.

Ping over the course of the past year had picked up on this and was one of the first people to get there when the placed opened up, all but guarantying him a spot at the bar and some alone time with Tia.

She didn’t mind this as she considering Ping to be a well-meaning kid, in a younger brother sort of way, and she did what she could to stick up for him when some of the other guys gave him crap.

Tia had just finished wiping down the counter, when she heard music from a car then two car doors slam shut. She looked out the large front glass windows and knew instantly she wouldn’t be sticking up for Ping tonight.




Julie pulled one of the glass double doors to Tai’s Billiards opened and whispered to Bobbi, “Just let me do the talking and we can do this the easy way. All you need to do is stand there and look tough.”

“But I am tough,” Bobbi whispered back.

“Exactly,” Julie replied and went over towards the bar.

She was glad to see Tia working this evening. She was usually always there for the weekend crowds but during the week it was hit or miss. Her scorpion bowls were to die for and on more than one occasion Julie had tried to recruit Tia to come work at Alizarin, with a generous signing bonus that only got bigger with each offer. There was no denying she was hot too and would fit right in at Alizarin. Not hurting things was the back and forth flirting they had going on. Julie didn’t think Tia was full on bi like her but the fact that a night between the sheets, or on a pool table, hadn’t been completely ruled out of the question had given her hope yet. As to why she wouldn’t sign on to bartend at Alizarin, well that was mystery Julie had yet to solve and tonight wasn’t going to be the night for it.

Ping turned to see who had walked into the bar and quickly looked away. He gave a sideways glance and when it became obvious they were there for him and not to see Tia, he tried to get up. By then he was too late.

“Oh sorry Ping, are you in a hurry to go somewhere?” Julie asked as Bobbi’s arm came around him and put him back into his chair forcefully.

“Hey you two. Funny seeing you guys here on a…tonight,” Ping stuttered. This was not his first run in with Julie and or Bobbi. Things hadn’t always gone well for him in the past. Maybe tonight would go better.

“We’re looking for someone,” Julie started.

“I’m sure two beautiful women of your age should have no-”

“Did you just fucking call me old?” Bobbi said, much louder than she had meant to be.

The guys playing pool stopped to look at them.

“No no no,” Ping repeated.

“Crap,” was all Julie said as the six guys playing pool now walked over to them.

So much for the easy way.




“What happened to letting me do the talking?” Julie whispered as Bobbi let go of Ping and moved next to her.

“He called us old.”

“He’s like twenty-two, everyone is old to him,” Julie said just as the guys got there.

They were all of Chinese decent, a few might have even just gotten here from China. Only one looked familiar and that was going by the small scar under his eye. Julie thought his name was Qiao something. The rest looked like bored twenty-year-old punks who wanted to drink but forgot their ids at home.

“Is there a problem here?” Qiao asked. He was still holding his pool stick.

“Nope, no problem here. Why don’t you boys go run off and play,” Bobbi said with a sneer.

“Are these bitches bothering you Ping?” The punk next to Qiao asked.

Bobbi and Julie looked at each other. “Ah hell no!” They both punched the punk in the face and he crumpled like the sack of crap that he was.

Things escalated quickly at that point as Julie elbowed the punk right next to her. She connected with a solid shot right by the eye and he stayed down. Bobbi likewise connected with a side kick to the punk next to her, driving the air out of him, which would have taken him a bit to recover on its own, but Bobbi followed up with a muay thai knee to his face. He crumbled to the ground as well, no longer a threat. Qiao used that opening to swing his pool stick and hit Bobbi in the ribs.

“Owe!” She yelled with a flinch and turned to face him even as the other two guys tried to grab Julie.

He swung again and hit her. When Bobbi still didn’t drop, the look on his face said it all as he tried to back away. A roundhouse kick from Bobbi sent him back on his ass, the pool stick flying from his grasp. Julie flung one of the punks toward Bobbi who she hit with a jumping knee to the chin. The last one tried to let go of Julie but now she was holding him and driving multiple knees into his gut before slamming his face in the bar. Blood and a tooth, or possibly two, went flying from his mouth. He laid motionless on the ground.

“Hey I’m sorry. No hard feelings ok?” Qiao asked as he continued to back away from Bobbi, who had now picked up a pool stick. Blood covered his mouth, his lip busted open from her spin kick.

“Yeah no hard feelings,” Bobbi said and let him get back to his feet.

“Really?” He asked, his back up against a pool table.

“Yeah, not so much.,” Bobbi said and drove the pool stick into his gut.

“Doesn’t feel so good does it?” Bobbi yelled as she started beating on him with the pool stick.

Qiao fell back to the ground and tried to cover up from the vicious shots Bobbi was giving out.

Julie and Tia, who had remained silent behind the bar the whole time, looked at each other and grimaced.

Ping had remained in his seat, thinking that the six guys would have been sufficient to protect him. After seeing the look on Bobbi’s face, he wondered if even Tai could have protected him at the moment.

Bobbi finally stopped beating on Qiao and looked over at Ping, wiping her dirty blonde hair, soaked in sweat, out of her face. She pointed at Ping with the pool stick and said, “We’re looking for an Australian guy name Trevor, has a thing for Asian girls. You’re going to help us find him, or I’m going to shove this pool stick up your ass!”

No one currently remaining conscious at Tai’s Billiards doubted her for one second.




“Is it just me or was that exhausting?” Bobbi asked and collapsed on her couch.

“It’s just you. You really should start running again,” Julie said and sat on Bobbi’s lap. Bobbi’s hands grabbing hold of her ass on instinct.

“It’s been too cold out.”

Julie remained silent, not in the mood for another ’discussion’ with Bobbi tonight. After leaving their number with a shaken Ping, the two of them had hit up two other bars. They got the first bar on a tip from Tia, and found the second bar on a tip from someone at the first bar. They weren’t any closer to finding Trevor now then they had been when they started out, but at least they had feelers out and had put in some good ground work. Plus Julie got to see Tia if only for a bit, which was a win in of itself. If only they could have snuck in a scorpion bowl too.

Julie closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. She wasn’t physically tired so much as she was mentally fatigued after spending the last several hours with Bobbi. Perhaps they were spending too much time together and it was time for a bit of a break. She kept that thought to herself though, not wanting to have to deal with the nuclear fallout that was sure to cause if she were to tell Bobbi in her current state.

Julie opened her eyes and looked at Bobbi.


“You smell.”

“Fuck you.”

“Oh if only you could,” she said with a wink and gave her a kiss on the lips.

Julie stood up and turned her ass toward Bobbi and pulled her pants down just enough to give Bobbi a glimpse of the lacy pink boy shorts she wore.

“You suck,” Bobbi replied as Julie pulled her pants back up and walked over to the kitchen.

She had just taken a sip of her beer when there was a knocking on the door. Julie looked at Bobbi, who was clearly not about to get up off the couch. Julie rolled her eyes and answered the door.

Megan walked in.

“Hello, how are you two?”

“Okay. We don’t have anything to report on Trevor just yet though. Sorry. But we do have contacts looking into it.”

“It’s okay. Our opportunity will present itself, of this I am sure.”

“Huh?” Bobbi said and turned to look over the back of the couch.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You look rather ill,” Megan asked staring at Bobbi.

Bobbi scowled at her but said nothing.

“We got into a fight at Tai’s Billiards. She took a couple shots from a pool stick like the champ she is,” Julie said.

“I see. Well, we’re all to stay here tonight. I informed Nick that you would be staying with me, to watch my back if you will.”

“You want me to stay at your place tonight?” Bobbi asked slightly confused. She really wanted a drink.

“No, I shall be fine. I just told that to Nick to put his mind at ease.”

“Oh, okay,” Bobbi said and put her head back down.

“Is Carol back yet?” Julie asked.

And just like that, Bobbi was back looking at them.

“No, she stayed with Nick at The Compound to help unload the gear.”

“Well isn’t she just Miss. Useful tonight,” Bobbi mumbled.

Neither Julie or Megan could make out what she said.

“I’m going to leave Morgan’s number with you. When you hear from one of your contacts please give him a call first.”

“You don’t want us to call Nick?” Julie asked taking the piece of paper with Morgan’s number on it from Megan.

“No. Morgan is to be alerted first. Is that clear?”

“Yes ma‘am,” Julie said with a grin.

Bobbi waved an arm from the couch in agreement.

“Everything go okay tonight?” Julie asked as Megan turned to leave.

“Things could have turned out better. But there is always a silver lining in everything, yes?”

“Sure. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Megan said and left.

Julie left the door open though and brought Morgan’s number to Bobbi.

“I’m going to go now too. See you tomorrow?”

“Wha…yep,” Bobbi replied and looked up at Julie, who was upside down.

“You’ll be feeling better soon, and then,” Julie whispered as she leaned over the couch for another kiss and gave Bobbi’s breasts a squeeze.

Bobbi smiled and took the paper from her. Julie closed the door behind her, leaving Bobbi alone in her apartment. She found the strength to get up from the couch and went into the kitchen. She was out of Tequila but found some Fireball and brought it to her bedroom with her.

Five minutes and multiple shots later, she was passed out facedown on her bed.




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July 24

Wade’s Cooking Tips (Bacon)

The following tip is brought to you by a man who needs no introduction but just incase you need a refresher course… He is a world-renowned mercenary, his mental state is questionable at best, Food Network passed on his show ‘The Masked Chef’ (their loss), he’s been known to live rent free in Bobbi Jordan’s head and his cookbook ‘How to Butter Raw Toast’ is sure to find its way into your kitchen.
You can catch him in action in RED DIAMOND on sale now at http://my.bookbaby.com/book/red-diamond
I give you Wade Smith and excellent bacon.

The secret is parchment paper on a cookie sheet and cook in oven for 20 minutes or so at 400°f.

       That’s it. Enjoy.


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July 24

Megan’s No Words

The following, in no particular order, are Megan Cruise’s No Words. If you want to stay on her good side do not say any of the following in your conversations with her.

1) Mount
2) Moist
3) Cream
4) Insert
5) Penetration
6) Smear
7) Sticky
8) Fudge
9) Erected
10) Taint


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